Workshop Testimonials

These are all testimonials for my 1 day CREATIVITY FOR SCRIPTWRITERS course

‘Phil’s reputation as a sound proponent of the screenwriting art attracts wide, varied and enthusiastic people to the course. Not only are the days valuable, they are also great fun.’

Jan Caston, Feb 2015

‘I loved this course. I struggle to create a bank of ideas without self-doubt and criticism creeping in. It was great to work quickly on ideas and see how far they could be developed in one day. And it was fun to collaborate with a wide range of writers of varied experience across different media.’

Caroline Dean, Feb 2015

‘As screenwriters we spend a huge amount of time generating ideas – they are the lifeblood of what we do. The Creativity for Screenwriters Course is a whole day dedicated to thinking about how we generate ideas, and practising a variety of idea generating techniques in a fun, supportive environment. I would recommend this course to both novice and established writers. Even if you have used some of the techniques before, the opportunity to look objectively at the creative process and refine your skills can only be beneficial. Phil is a great teacher, and he always runs his courses in a warm, humorous manner. I can’t recommend this course enough.’

Anita Gallo, Feb 2015

‘A quick note to say many thanks for an excellent course. I found the dreaded rewrites a lot easier to grapple with after such an inspiring day. I hope to come to another of your courses someday but I’m confident I won’t need another shot in the arm any time soon!’

Lucy Flannery, Feb 2015

‘I found your course incredibly useful and highly enjoyable. It has really given me a lot to think about in the way that I approach stories and develop characters. It was very inspiring and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice.’

Sylvia-Ann Parker, Feb 2015

‘An excellent, inspiring course for anybody with a desire to see their words and ideas come alive as a screenplay. It certainly worked for me and got parts of the creative brain working again for the first time in years. It was a beautifully structured course that built on a series of exercises through the day while teaching the importance of collaboration. It was a lot of fun and very useful.’

Steve Langley, Feb 2015

‘I wanted to be re-motivated to carry on writing – and Phil has done that – Thank you.’

Anne Barford, Nov 2014

‘I was given Philip Shelley for my birthday: a generous and inspired gift! ‘Creativity for Scriptwriters’ was richer than chocolate and more useful than clothes. We stalked strangers through the streets, generated fistfuls of ideas, were happy for/jealous of/ enthused by Cat Jones, wrote loads and ended up in the pub getting vaguely drunk. It was great. Brilliant! On the train home, a pissed up fella from Inverness – fresh from watching a cage fight – sat down next to me. He shook my hand. ‘My names Ian. Two vowels and a consonant,’ he said. Thanks to the course, I didn’t think to myself, oh fuck. I just got out my pen and wrote down what happens next…’

Sarah Hehir, Nov 2014

‘Phil’s relaxed manner and encouraging approach set the tone for the day while the brisk pace, practical exercises and regular interaction with other participants ensured that our appreciation of ‘character’ and ‘relationship’ was repeatedly challenged and stimulated. Guest speaker Cat Jones provided a highly entertaining and informative take on her career and work, as well as plenty of useful tips, while the end of day trip to a nearby pub provided a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas with both novice and more experienced writers. I came away exhilarated and itching to get to grips with my latest project. My thanks for a great day that has already had an impact on my writing’

Anthony Etherington, Nov 2014

‘A fantastic tool for silencing the destructive ‘inner critic’’.

Sonya Desai, Nov 2014

‘Excellent course from a clearly very experienced writer. Philip listened carefully to everyone in the room & provided very useful feedback.’

Melissa Miners, Nov 2014

‘I was in a bit of a writing rut, story and character-wise. Phil’s course was very encouraging and engaging, making me feel more receptive to new characters and scenarios. I left with a reinvigorated creative writing approach and there’s a certain spring to my typing now! Highly recommended!’

Ros Philp, Nov 2014

‘Most writers are solitary creatures and it can be quite scary to consider breaking out of that comfort zone and sometimes it shows with the words and stories we create. The creativity for screenwriters course is like the first cup of tea of the day, totally comfortable and guaranteed to shake you up. Phil is a wonderful teacher, giving great ways to shake up your ideas and characters, with a listening ear and a nurturing method. No idea is shot down, and all ideas are liquid gold. Guaranteed to generate laughter and ideas, and a must for all!’

Kerry Mcintosh, Nov 2014

‘Hi Phil I got so much out of your one day Creativity for Scriptwriters course. I loved the pace of it (no time to self censor), and that it was so practical. You created a very positive and supportive environment that meant we all felt confident to take risks. I really enjoyed collaborating with others, and hearing their ideas. Your exercises helped to generate some great instant and original stories that would have taken weeks and weeks of slaving over a hot computer to come up with on our own, if at all! As a result I have some ideas bubbling away that I’ll continue to work on.’

Rachel Smith, Nov 2014

‘Most enjoyable and fun day. Really enjoyed working and sharing ideas with great people. Hope we can do it again. Got my brain and confidence going again. Thanks Phil.’

Steve Ridlington, Nov 2014

Dear Phil, I would like to say that when looking back at the course, what stands out is the amazing fact that we were able to create life stories for imaginary people from nothing but our imagination over the course of only a couple of hours. That fact has boosted my confidence, but mostly it has offered me an approach I can enjoy and indulge in when the writing becomes too hard. Anyway, I have learned a lot and had a really good time.

Meike Kooistra, Nov 2014

Hi Phil – Thanks so much for yesterday at the Actor’s Centre. It was a really rewarding day and gave me the tools and confidence needed to generate more and more ideas for my emerging work. Its simplicity was its strength. I may be in touch at some point in the future to use your script reading services, and I very much look forward to working with you again. The Creativity For Screenwriting Course was brilliant. A day spent with simple exercises that made one realise that huge story-idea potentials are all around us – if only we’d pay attention! It was fun, enlightening and overseen by a man who delivers his wisdom without ego and in a very caring set-up. Recommended!”

Finlay Robertson, Nov 2014

Hi Philip Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday’s workshop at the Actors Centre. It was most useful and has given me the confidence to have work read at their monthly writers’ drop-in night on Feb 28th.

Jamie Christian, Nov 2014

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