I write and circulate a weekly industry newsletter. This is either an interview with a screenwriter, producer, script editor; an article about a current screenwriting topic; or a quiz \ poll with a prize for the winner!

I now have a fantastic archive of interviews and articles, which is an invaluable and entertaining resource for anyone interested in screenwriting.


My library of industry interviews include interviews with:-

ADRIAN MEAD  –  highly successful screenwriter \ director, also author of the excellent book, ‘Making It As  A Screenwriter’.

‘…the power of story, something that can pull you in is still magic for me…’

MELISSA BUBNIC – recent screenwriting graduate of the Channel 4 screenwriting course, who now has a project in development with Channel 4 drama, and is writing for  SHAMELESS.

It’s really, really hard. But don’t be discouraged. If you want to do this, you can.’

ESTHER SPRINGER – script editor of many of the BBC’s most successful recent dramas.

The qualities in a script that attract me are: well-shaped story; well written prose in stage directions; convincing characters and dialogue.’

BRIAN SAWYER & GREG ROSSEN – highly experienced US screenwriting partnership who live and work in LA, and who give a fascinating insight into the different working life of pro US screenwriters.

For us to like an idea it has to pass the Cocktail Party Test, i.e. it has to be something we’re not ashamed to mention at a cocktail party.’

ASHLEY PHAROAH – one of the most successful screenwriters working in UK TV drama today, with a host of hit-show credits, including LIFE ON MARS and ASHES TO ASHES.

When I’m considering a new series the prime question is… has it got legs? Is there enough conflict in the pitch that it could still be sparking in 3 years, or 6 or 10.’

…and many, many more fascinating and insightful interviews with a host of very successful screenwriters from whom we can all learn a great deal…


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