central london screenwriting course feb 4-5 2012

I am delighted to announce that I will be running the  ‘Authoritative Guide To Writing And Selling A Great Screenplay’ two day course in Central london on Saturday and Sunday Feb 4th & 5th 2012 with screenwriter Phil Gladwin. The three previous courses (2 in London, 1 in Glasgow) went really well and we had so much positive feedback.

This comprehensive two-day course is designed to be suitable for all levels of screenwriter – from the very experienced to the brand new.

The first days focuses on tapping into your creativity as a writer, and honing your craft. The 2nd day concentrates on how to sell your screenplays and forge a career as a screenwriter.

As I mentioned, the course has had some wonderful feedback (see the link below) and one of the virtues of the course is the closed ‘screenwriters studio uk’ Facebook page which only those who have completed the course have access to. Through this Facebook page you can keep in touch with your fellow writers who have done the course, and with us, Phil & Phil, and swap ideas and information about the industry.

Places on this new London course are limited to the first 20 applicants – we keep the numbers down so that we can engage fully with all the writers who attend – and places are already selling well, with attendees signed up from as far afield as Italy and Indiana, USA!

We are also delighted to announce that we have two very special guest speakers for this London course –

BEN STOLL – Ben is head of development for Channel 4 drama in London. Channel 4 are responsible for shows like SKINS, SHAMELESS, and briliant, ground-breaking news shows like FRESH MEAT and TOP BOY. Ben is at the heart of UK TV drama production and can offer many insights on what is currently being commisioned in the UK.

MATT BOUCH – Matt is a highly-experienced TV drama producer, notably on the hit show, BEING HUMAN, and he has worked for many of the top UK drama producing companies.

All the information you need about this course and how to secure a place can be found at –


All the best


Phil Shelley

January  10th 2012