Script Reading

Reading & Analysing your Script

I will read your script or treatment and give you detailed notes with analytical, constructive, realistic and above all supportive feedback. This will take the form of a (minimum) 5 page report that will cover every element of the script.  I consider presentation, story, structure, dialogue, characterisation, tone, genre and marketability.  The report will also include detailed page-by-page notes.  I can then advise you on the potential next step forward for your script.

In addition I will reply to any follow-up points and questions about my feedback by email.

I am also happy to talk on the phone or zoom / skype to writers about their projects, and arrange face-to-face meetings.


Philip has an incredible knack of lasering in on the issues in your script that you have been unable to see yourself. The report you receive goes into great depth, and it gives you clarity on exactly how you can improve your script (a clarity that is hard to find yourself after weeks/months embedded in your story). You can guarantee that your script will be in far better shape and considerably more marketable once you have acted on Philip’s suggestions. If you then take your script to the required level, Philip is happy to put you in contact with people inside the industry. This is one of the many factors that lift his consultancy high above others. You can then go into these priceless meetings armed with the confidence that your script really does justify you being there, a feeling that can be elusive to many writers. I have obtained considerable knowledge and confidence through working with Philip, and I am a better screenwriter for the experience. He provides by far the best ‘bang for your buck’ in the industry and I believe working with Philip is the best investment a writer could make.
Phil Hamer
Dear Philip, just had to get in touch with regards your recent work on my struggling drama script through your reading service to let you know what has happened. After taking on board your notes and comments I went ahead with a rewrite – a MAJOR rewrite. And now, it is optioned and in development! Your notes were thorough (oh boy were they!), clear, and honest and helped me see exactly where the script wasn’t pulling its weight and the issues that needed to be addressed. So a huge-big ‘thank you’ cos having these has helped me get this drama ‘market ready’ and also helped me to further understand and hone my craft. Oh, and one final note … I’ll be back.
Philippa Langley, Screenwriter
Philip is someone rare in the world of script editing and consultancy. Not only is he able to offer knowledgeable, insightful advice about what works and what doesn’t, at the heart of everything he does is a desire to make the script the best it possibly can be – and this is invaluable. In short, I know he cares about the projects he’s working on and is someone I trust to give me honest and practical advice. When I’ve taken a script as far as I can by myself, it’s Philip I turn to.
Nic Jones
Working with Philip Shelley has been a most illuminating experience and has helped me to open many doors. Philip’s insightful notes and feedback have taught me valuable lessons, most notably less is more and more is always possible if you challenge yourself and dare to dream. I’m very happy to report that the fourth draft of my feature film script “Big Ballerinas” has just been optioned by Australian producer, Craig Kocinski for OZPIX Entertainment
Mark Frith
I highly rate Philip as a script consultant. His attention to detail is impeccable and he analyses every aspect of the script in minute detail. Philip is very honest – which I really appreciate because one quality you need as a screenwriter is to be thick skinned. Philip’s feedback makes you stand back and revisit your script with a fresh perspective. He is extremely approachable and happy to discuss his feedback via email or by phone. Philip is very supportive and wants you to achieve your very best as a screenwriter.
Deborah Lewis
Hi Philip, I just wanted to say thank you for your report. I didn’t get back to you because once I’d read your comments and considered them in detail, as your suggestions made perfect sense, I just went ahead and reworked the script with your comments in mind. Now I feel a lot more confident that the script’s ready to send out. Thanks again. I have been letting other writers know how helpful your feedback was… With best wishes
Lucy Kaya, Screenwriter
Hi Philip, Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say that myself and Alyson have now been over your feedback together – it’s excellent. We agree with your thoughts that we need to get the story happening faster and make things more difficult for the protagonist, Danny especially has to suffer more! Now it’s the small matter of how we achieve that! We just wanted to let you know that your feedback was clear, concise, constructive and above all highly useful. Also we will be shamelessly stealing some of your excellent scene-specific suggestions. Thanks again for the feedback and we’d definitely use your services again. Frank & Alyson
Frank Arnot & Alyson Conway, Screenwriters
Hi Philip, many thanks for your report. It clearly explains both what works and what needs work, and is packed full of useful insights. Thanks to your positive feedback, I’ve now got a clear idea of where and how to focus my efforts, and can get cracking on my next draft with confidence that the script is heading in the right direction. I’ll definitely be sending more scripts your way! All the best James
James Coleman, Screenwriter
Hi Philip, just a quick thank you for all your help. The script benefited hugely from the extensive notes and advice you provided and has just been optioned by Scott Free, Ridley Scott’s company. Great working with you and I’ll have another spec script winging its way over to you at the end of this month if you have time?
Adrian Mead, Screenwriter
Phil’s experience in the industry and his role in the Channel 4 Screenwriting Course is what gave me the confidence to use his script consultancy service and I wasn’t disappointed. His feedback was detailed, constructive and delivered in such a way that left me feeling energised to write a new draft. Phil’s help and support has also gone beyond his script consultancy. I approached Phil when I was looking for writers to collaborate with on a web series that I was producing and directing. Phil was more than happy to help and very kindly put me in touch with two great writers which resulted in two brilliant episodes of our series.
Gavin O’Grady
I…wanted to let you know that Missing won Gold Prize in the TV Drama Pilot category of the Page Awards – WOOHOO! I was able to send my revised script in for the final stage (Top 10) – the one which included all of your great feedback/ notes – so thank-you again for all your help and valuable advice on that script. I’m incredibly proud of it and really thrilled that it won its category, especially considering the level of TV writing talent in the US. Happy days!
Sharon Walker, Screenwriter
Dear Philip, Thank you so much for your feedback – I think you’re amazing! Your ability to zone in on the exact problems in a script is something else. Your notes are spot on, which is exciting for me because it gives me the opportunity to write a (hopefully) better draft. Thanks again for the great notes, Regards, Rachel
Rachel Kilfeather
Please e-mail me if you have any queries