Production Companies

I work regularly with drama and comedy production companies, both with script-editing / script development input; and with recommendations of writing and script editing / development talent.

In my experience on the last 11 years on the Channel 4 screenwriting course, I have read the work of new drama and comedy writers and actively engaged with hundreds of these writers.

As a result of this and the work I have done with thousands more writers through my script consultancy over the last 12 years, I have compiled an extensive and detailed database of screenwriting talent in the UK.

I regularly recommend writers to producers for specific projects.

Through my work on the Channel 4 course and more widely in the TV drama industry over the last 25 years, I also have a huge database of script-readers, script editors and development executives.

I am happy to draw up targeted lists of writers, script readers, script editors for producers, production companies, literary agents, etc.

Prices on request.


Have worked with Philip many times and have come to rely on his artistic instinct, insight and forensic knowledge of structure and story. His notes always offer new perspectives and are grounded in supporting the writer to find their way and trust their instincts. He doesn’t impose solutions but poses questions. He’s the best there is.
Frances Du Pille
As a script editor/consultant Philip brings a vast amount of experience as a drama writer and of working with writers which is why we asked him to act as script consultant on Ayeesha Menon’s UNDERCOVER MUMBAI for BBC Radio 4. Philip is brilliant at nurturing an idea and cleverly draws out of a writer their vision without imposing his own. He is a pleasure to work with and cares deeply about good writing.
John Dryden
Writer/Director/Executive Producer, Goldhawk Productions.
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