Script Development

Getting your Script ready for Submission

If required, I will work with you as script editor and advisor on several subsequent drafts until we both feel that your script is ready to submit to producers, broadcasters or literary agents. I can meet with you to discuss the development of your project. My aim is to develop long-term relationships with writers and their work.

I also offer Script Mentoring, working with writers over a longer period on a portfolio of projects.

Once your script is ready for submission I can offer professional advice and guidance on who to target with your project.  Having worked in the TV and film industry for many years, I have strong links to commissioning editors, broadcasters, many freelance producers, writers and directors, as well as with many of the leading literary agents, specializing in representation of film and TV writers.


I regard Philip as my Script Coach; someone who’s there to hone my skills, identify areas of improvement and encourage me to be more critically aware of how I write. Philip has the uncanny ability of being able to get to the jugular of script analysis. He knows instinctively what works, what doesn’t and where crucial improvements can be made. I used to include with my script, a page of notes, identifying what I felt didn’t work or was uncomfortable about. I don’t anymore. There’s no point. Philip will spot these points anyway. In my early days as a screenwriter, I shied away from script reviewers, fearful of getting a right good self-confidence bashing. But since using Philip, tapping into his insightful analysis and drawing from his years of experience, I’ve learnt to understand the value of critical appraisal. As a result, after his script analysis, I dive into a next draft with relish and vigour.
Rick Hughes
Philip has been instrumental in my development as a scriptwriter. When I first made the transition from journalism to script writing, Philip’s insightful advice and detailed notes lifted my first spec script to the next level. That script has since secured me industry jobs, from a film commission for an independent producer to writing episodes for a BBC1 continuing drama series. In addition, if Philip sees promise in you as a writer, he may recommend you for projects. In this way, I have worked as a scriptwriter and storyliner on an African TV drama (working in collaboration with Philip), a musical, and short corporate films for the NHS. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Jacqui Canham
Through Philips’s continued advice I believe my writing has improved significantly, although I still have a lot to work on. But I know his many notes have helped as I was recently selected as one of the twenty finalists at the BBC Writers Room (Comedy). So, if you’re stuck with a script, feel you’ve written the next big hit or just want an outside set of eyes, then I thoroughly recommend using Philip’s consultancy service. You might not always hear what you want but I guarantee you your script will improve because of it.
Laurence Tratalos
I would highly recommend Philip Shelley as a script consultant and editor for many reasons. To start with, his services are very affordable and he is extremely reliable in his response to deadlines. However, the most important recommendation relates to the skill and expertise and understanding he shows when analysing a script. He provides an in-depth and intelligent overall appraisal of a script, based on years of practical experience, as well as a very detailed analysis of all of the elements within the script. He will also give advice on how to re-structure, improve dialogue and re-shape a plot, where necessary. His is a very personal service, offered on a one to one basis, followed by face to face discussions, if desired. I have found his advice and cooperation invaluable during the writing of our latest project.
John McKenna (Mckenna and Brown Musical Productions)
Dear Philip Thank you so much for your help with my calling card script. You’ve taken me right through to what I hope will now be my final draft. I really value being able to work with you. Your notes are kind and very honest and have helped me to understand what it takes to write for the industry. It’s been so useful to be able to meet with you to discuss ideas and ways forward and to have one person to work with through the whole process. I want to thank you for genuinely wanting to help develop writers. And I want to thank you for pushing me to be my best. I’ve learnt so much.
Lesley Roberts
While exposing your writing to criticism can be a daunting exercise, Phil has made it a liberating process. His notes are precise, and while dispassionate, he genuinely invested in my characters and helped me explore creative ways of developing my story. In short, not only do I now have a stronger screenplay, but I am also a better writer.
Jason Collin
As a new writer, I’d struggled for years writing, then re-writing my own work, with only feedback from friends to guide me. Then I read an article about paying for professional script development – I hadn’t even realized I could do that! I did some research on-line and read various blogs about services other writers used, and Philip’s name kept coming up. After discovering he was hosting a writing workshop with ‘the other Phil’, I decided to sign up so was able to meet Phil in person – and was mightily impressed with his expert knowledge and genuine desire to help. Shortly after the workshop, I sent him my latest draft and within about three weeks he replied with detailed, pertinent, and at times painfully honest feedback. But that was good. I couldn’t have improved the script without such constructive criticism. Friends don’t really tell you when something’s not very good! I’ve since gone on to send Phil several more scripts, and each time I’ve found his feedback invaluable. I’d recommend Phil’s script consultancy service whole-heartedly. To a new writer who isn’t yet making much money, it feels like quite an indulgence to spend money on yourself in this way. But believe me – it’s a price worth paying to get to the stage where you have a script that helps get you noticed.
Denise Watson – Writer / Storyliner, Coronation Street
The advice and encouragement Philip gave me was invaluable when it came to knocking my second and subsequent drafts into better shape. He pointed out characters that didn’t add anything or have a distinct enough voice, suggested I make the A plot much stronger and advised me on script formatting amongst other things in his detailed feedback. All of these helped me write a calling card script that was much clearer in voice, tone and intent.
Steve Hulmes
Philip Shelley’s script consultancy service has been a valuable resource to my development as a writer over the years. He is very encouraging when one of my screenplays has potential, and very honest when the overall idea needs completely re-evaluating. The feedback I receive is always insightful and constructive, and so far I have always been in agreement with his suggestions of what needs to be changed in order to progress my script to the next stage.
Vick Martin
I first met Phil through The Two Phils Screenwriting Course, which had been recommended to me. I’d been on a couple of writing courses previously, but The Two Phils stood head and shoulders above the rest in the content it covered, the manner in which it was delivered, and the support offered afterwards (which still stands to this day). From there – as my writing developed – I engaged with Phil directly in the hope that his script consultancy service would help fine-tune a TV script that I was working on. I wasn’t disappointed. Phil’s advice not only helped to guide me on the script itself, but also more widely on how I went about structure, series outlines, and even the eventual marketing of the idea. During that time, one thing I really valued from Phil was his direct approach; if something wasn’t working he would point it out and explain the reasoning behind it. His ability to critique what I was doing without telling me exactly how I should be doing it helped to steer me in the right direction but left enough creative freedom for me to find my own path. Working with Phil was hugely useful and enjoyable and I would highly recommend him and the service he provides to anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level.
James Wigley
I have submitted several scripts to Philip. His careful, insightful comments have served as an invaluable tool when writing subsequent drafts. As a new writer it can be difficult to see where you’re going wrong. Philip offers unashamedly honest advice – he tells you things you don’t really want to hear but know you must hear, bringing to the fore all those niggling doubts that are buried deep somewhere in your subconscious. The feedback is always specific to each script and represents excellent value for money. I would recommend his service very highly.
Jonathan Fisher, screenwriter, Island Pictures, London
I’ve used Philip as script editor on my work for over two years now. I have always found he hits the nail on the head, pinpoints exactly where I am going wrong, and offers some great insights into how I might pull it around. Writing is a pretty isolated business, but with Philip I feel as If I’ve got someone else batting in my court – a great feeling. I’ve used other script editors, but to be honest he’s leagues ahead.
Shirley Day
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