Script Reading & Development Q&A

Session via Zoom.

Cost: £75.00 

A semi-regular 2½ hour session, on Zoom, which I organise on demand. If you’re interested, would like to register your interest or have any queries, please get in touch at

NB The Thursday June 13th session is now FULLY BOOKED. 

Please email me to express interest in any future sessions.

This is for a group of 8 (max) people who either already work in, or have an interest in working in, script reading, script development or script editing.


I answer any questions you have about any aspects of the industry – whether that’s how to write the best script reports, what skills you need to work in script development or where and how to find work in the world of scripted TV and film.

Coming on the session will also entitle you to join the closed Facebook group exclusively for those who have attended these sessions – where we share industry opportunities, tips and knowledge and continue the dialogue from the session.

What sort of things do we cover?

Some of the questions /topics we have touched on in the sessions so far:

  • CVs – what makes a CV stand out?
  • What elements need to be included in script reports? What do the best script reports have in common?
  • Who employs script readers? How can I find work as a script reader?
  • How do I make the step from script reader to script editor / development executive?
  • What training is there for script readers / script editors?
  • What are the key skills that make a good script editor?
  • What might different career trajectories look like for a budding script editor? 
  • Is it helpful to be a writer to get into script development?

A big part of the purpose of these sessions is also to introduce you to a group of like-minded people with similar ambitions and interests so that, going forward, you can share information and experiences with each other, build up your all-important network of industry contacts.

Please e-mail me if you have any queries


I wrote to Philip a couple of times for advice on how to get into scripted development, and he was very helpful. When he told me about the Q&A session he was running, I signed up because I know he has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the industry. The Q&A was very candid and in-depth, and we were able to send in specific questions beforehand which was great.
Hannah Drennan
Philip's script development Q&A was an extremely insightful look behind the curtain of script editing and development. Our chat answered a number of my longstanding industry questions and provided practical advice and direction on the next steps to take with my career. Highly recommended.
Paul Kennedy
Thank you very much for the session, I really enjoyed it and found it to be deeply informative and worthwhile. I especially appreciated the comment and insight into my CV, as it can be impossible to get an idea of where you're going wrong when sending out a cold email or simply getting rejected from jobs.
Dominic McCafferty
The industry can feel impenetrable to new entrants but I found the session to be extremely informative. Philip has a wealth of knowledge, insight and experience at his fingertips and he is extremely generous with it. I came away feeling inspired and eager to make my mark on an industry.
Martin Edwards
Phil’s session was invaluable - providing me with encouragement, renewed focus, a network, and tips on the industry
Roxy Cook
Philip's Script Reading and Development Q and A was an invaluable insight into an industry which can feel impenetrable at times. His approach to each group member is sincere and considered, with tailor made responses and personal advice for everyone, a refreshing change from the broader and more general industry ‘tips’ which come up time and again. Philip was able to highlight an individual's strengths and weaknesses, offer suggestions on how best they could make an impression, and identify areas in which they lacked experience, while pointing them in the right direction. His feedback was direct and honest, but always useful, clear, and encouraging. I felt Philip’s own years of experience were apparent and he obviously has a great understanding of how the industry works.
Jonathan Neil
I just wanted to say thank you again for hosting such a wonderful session. It has honestly been such a long time since I have felt clarity about what I should be doing in order to pursue a career in this industry. I feel really positive and grateful!
Raima Bari

Please e-mail me if you have any queries