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A little about me...

I read and evaluate all the scripts submitted to my script consultancy myself. As a writer you will get clear, honest, constructive and prompt feedback on your script. In order for you to entrust me with your script and to believe that you are getting valuable and realistic feedback that will help you dramatically improve your project and its chances of getting noticed and made, it’s important for you to know something about my work and experience in the industry.

I am Philip Shelley, a highly experienced script-editor and producer.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with a huge number of screen-writers, including some of the most successful writers in the UK and I am still actively working in the industry, keeping abreast of current writing and market trends.

I have run (and continue to do so) the much-praised CHANNEL 4 SCREENWRITING COURSE. I run regular courses and write regular blogs for the BBC Writers room. I work with both individual, freelance writers and producers.

I am contacted regularly by literary agents, producers and production companies who are looking for screenwriters and script editors.

I not only have vast experience of working with writers, both in development and in production, I have also built a reputation as a highly successful course-leader and pioneer of new writing.

I have worked as head of drama development for Carlton TV, have produced several TV drama shows, have worked as script editor for the BBC and many other production companies and I have run courses for the BFI, Screenskills, Endemol Shine, BBC Media Action and many other organisations.


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Script Consultancy

I offer a comprehensive, personal, one to one service for both novice and experienced scriptwriters.


I will read your script or treatment and give you detailed notes with analytical, constructive, realistic and above all supportive feedback.


If required, I will work with you as script editor and advisor on several subsequent drafts until we both feel that your script is ready to submit.


Once your script is ready I can offer advice and guidance on who to target with your project, and use my industry contacts on your behalf.


If you’re looking for longer term guidance, then script mentoring may be for you. Building a long-term relationship with an experienced industry mentor will allow for a closer working partnership and will enable you as writer to get continuous feedback on one or more projects. It will also help you to hone your scripts so that they are ready to go out to the industry.

Production Companies

I work regularly with drama and comedy production companies, both with script-editing / script development input; and with recommendations of writing and script editing / development talent.

In my experience on the last 11 years on the Channel 4 screenwriting course, I have read the work of literally thousands of new dramatic writers and actively engaged with hundreds of these writers.


When it comes to screenwriting, Philip is a one-stop shop. Not only is he incredibly helpful and easy to talk to, his script writing service is second to none as he provides you with intelligent and honest feedback. For me, the real difference lies in the fact that Philip himself personally takes the time to examine your screenplay in detail – as opposed to a reader working for a consultancy who is just going through the motions. Along with his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the craft, Philip has many industry connections, which is a huge plus should you manage to develop your script into something special. As the saying goes, the best writing is rewriting; and Philip is with you every step of the way to help you take your screenplay to that next level.
Jamie Sweeney, Screenwriter
‘I have been working with Philip for just over a year now and I am always impressed with his perceptiveness and honesty. Philip’s Script Reports are very thorough and prompt, giving insightful and frank feedback on a number of areas, including presentation, marketability, structure, character and dialogue, as well as more specific detailed line notes. His suggestions are all incredibly helpful when it comes to sorting out issues in a script and certainly make me think deeper about my writing. His feedback is not always what I ‘want’ to hear but, more often than not, what I ‘need’ to hear. I like to get a variety of feedback on my scripts, but I always make sure Philip’s Script Consultancy Service is my first port of call.’
Ian Hand
I believe Philip’s script consultancy services to be unparalleled. His feedback is thorough and extremely thoughtful, covering all aspects of your script including concept, tone, structure, dialogue and originality in depth. He covers issues and weaknesses with delicacy and is honest in his praise, allowing you to really see your script from both a neutral and a professional perspective. What’s more, his service doesn’t stop with the feedback, Philip is always happy to have follow-up discussions, answering any questions you might have and is also encouragingly enthusiastic when discussing how the script can be improved further. He takes a real interest in yourself and your writing and it’s for this reason that I’m now turning to his script support for a third time.
Pat Monger, Screenwriter
I enlisted Philip’s help not only because of his impeccable industry credentials but also as someone who is also willing to ‘stay the course’ with new writers to help develop both their work and their careers. This, in my opinion, is what sets him apart. His insightful and practical judgment of my script gave me both the ammunition and encouragement to tackle and improve subsequent drafts. I recommend him highly.
Jeremy Carr
I worked with Philip Shelley over a period of six months and recommend him highly. His reports and guidance helped me realise my vision for my first screenplay, Being Hope, a drama about two sisters. It took several attempts to generate a draft that Philip was happy with but his exacting standards had a great outcome – Philip passed the script to a couple of his contacts and the upshot is that Ceri Meyrick of the BBC Writers Academy has taken an interest in me and has invited me to pass her my next piece of work. It’s a fantastic result for a new writer and one I wouldn’t have achieved without Script Consultant. Thank you Philip!
Sally Shaw, Screenwriter
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