Course Testimonials

When I first read about the course in one of Philip's newsletters I was sceptical about applying. I wanted to meet and work with Philip, but travelling from Dublin on the weekend of my birthday seemed a bit excessive for a course that focused on generating ideas (something I don't usually struggle with). All I can say is I'm glad I took a gamble. Creativity for Scriptwriters is much bigger than simply generating ideas. Getting to meet Philip and pick his brain, the different perspectives and backgrounds in the class, the little conversations in between exercises (which were engaging, motivating and often hilarious), the brilliant guest speaker (who is also a script consultant), the WhatsApp group Rob created for 20-odd writers in the pub. Invaluable. It kind of baffles me as to why a writers wouldn't grab an opportunity like this by the horns. And for the price it is. Your level or experience won't matter. Either will your reason for wanting to do it. That's what made the experience so unique. Would I do it again? 100 fucking percent.
David McGoman, June 2023
If you’re looking to raise your screenwriting game, Philip’s courses are a great way to boost confidence and creativity. They’re fun and welcoming but above all they’re packed with content and practical advice. You’ll come away with a new toolkit to apply to your work.
Claire Rowlands, June 2023
This course is really well structured and gave me so much confidence in myself again as a writer. I had been feeling a little stuck lately, but the day was a great reminder of how to free yourself up and stop self-censoring. Philip fosters a brilliant community among the other writers too; I left having made some new friends and feeling really happy and excited to get back to work!
Sarah Lewis, June 2023
It was a great day, highly enjoyable and very useful. I really enjoyed the morning session refreshing my knowledge of the nuts and bolts of screen play writing. It was enlightening and fun hearing Kitty’s experiences of breaking into writing. I was particularly amused by her admission that her notes were on the back of chocolate packet and also hearing about her normal writer’s day, which is the complete opposite of mine. Laurence Bowen’s breakdown and presentation on The Responder was so illuminating and valuable in conjunction with your lecture, personally for me where I am in my writing process and the networking event was exciting as I managed to speak to Paul Williams for quite a while and he is very passionate and inspirational.
Philip Jones, March 2023
How much can you learn about screenwriting in a day? If you’re in Philip Shelley’s hands, the answer is: a LOT. I’ve already written a number of screenplays but the ‘One Day Intro to Screenwriting’ course turned out to be just the dose of inspiration I needed. By digging in to the ‘principles of dramatic storytelling’ Philip gets to the heart of what distinguishes a gripping script from a forgettable script. Just the dose of salts every writer needs. And with guest appearances from a leading producer and writer, the day was full of practical, hard-won wisdom about what it takes to build and sustain a career. Highly recommended – whether you’ve written lots or nothing at all.
Oliver Rowe, March 2023
This course was very illuminating in encouraging the participants to think carefully about their screenplays, ideas, audience(s) and the TV/Film industry. The presenters were excellent and conveyed often quite complex information in easily digestible chunks of information. Plenty of examples of brilliant scripts and snippets of TV shows and how the original screenplays are so important to what we eventually see on screen. It was a great bonus for the participants to have plentiful opportunities to ask questions, seek expert opinion and advice and feel inspired to improve their writing and learn the craft of screenwriting.
Antony Inglis, March 2023
I would highly recommend Philip’s course to any aspiring screenwriter. He knows the industry inside-out, and has an easy-going presentational style. The course is relaxed and fun, and welcoming to writers of any level. You get to meet industry professionals, and ask them the kind of questions that you cannot simply Google.
Steve Henning, March 2023
This course was a fantastic introduction to the world of screenwriting, with expert advice from industry professionals. The day was interactive, stimulating and delivered invaluable information.

Philip Shelley has a wealth of experience which he delivers with generous clarity – thank you!
Judith Wilson, March 2023
Philip has a pastoral way of imparting information and sharing ideas that makes the audience feel perfectly safe to ask questions and challenge current thinking. His unique insight into the industry is as valuable as his tutorials.
Maureen Hansch, March 2023
I am beyond glad I signed up for this course. So, so useful and inspiring. I have been reviewing my scripts since. I can't believe how much I got out of the day.
Martha McBrier, March 2023
Having been on a varied selection of short screenplay writing courses over the years I wanted a ‘refresher’ day to see how certain things might have changed over the years, and to perhaps get a different perspective on approaches and methods to screenwriting. I was delighted that the course answered both objectives for me, plus a lot more… it’s wonderful to be in a room where the presenters are clearly still passionate about the ins-and-outs of screenwriting and their willingness to share personal insights…
Rehana Rose, March 2023
Philip Shelley’s introduction to screenwriting is a brilliant one-day course that gives you an excellent insight into the nuts and bolts of screenwriting. You get to understand the basics and learn a few new tips too. You also get to hear from guest speakers from the industry – producers and writers – and their insight is gold dust.

If you want to be a screenwriter, then you should seriously consider attending one of Philip’s courses. You won’t be disappointed.
Eddie Coleman, March 2023
A great overview on writing screenplays – from the nuts and bolts of scripts, through to inspiring writer/producer talks on how to break into the industry and understanding what gold-standard writing looks like on the screen.
Chrissy Jones, March 2023
A great day offering a ton of information, the opportunity to meet other writers and an insight into the world of screenwriting/production.
Larisa Villar Hauser, March 2023
This course is an absolute must for not only introducing screenwriting as a craft but also offers an excellent insight into the film/TV industry with reputable guest speakers, and a rare opportunity to network with industry professionals. An inspiring and highly beneficial course for writers at all levels.
Andrew Ionides, March 2023
A brilliant introduction to the principles of screenwriting for those new to it, or a good jumping off point for those looking to refresh their knowledge of the craft and write the next script. An inspired, and inspiring day.
Hannah Begbie, March 2023
Thank you for the amazing weekend. It was really informative and helpful. I gained a lot of knowledge and really appreciated you holding the space for all of us to learn, bond and connect. I loved the exercises and found them so useful and can't wait to apply your teachings to my work. I also found that following this weekend, I have been reenergised to write and work on my projects. I think apart from your extensive knowledge, I really enjoyed getting to know the other writers and sharing a space with other creatives. It was truly inspiring. I thought the addition of the speakers was a great way to break up the sessions while providing us with varied knowledge and expertise.
Cairo Aibangbee
Highly recommended, a fun, engaging and action-packed course which really packs a lot in to a weekend. Very supportive and friendly atmosphere, and loads of great information and guidance about building your writing career.
Alice Bright
A great course and a great experience and I was blown away by the talent in the room. I felt it was such a high standard of raw creative talent, and it was testing and challenging, which is what all practicing screenwriters need. It is a credit to you and the 2 day course is so useful and incredibly helpful.
Philip Jones
Phil's course was a much needed reset, refresh, rejuvenate, not only about the craft of screenwriting, but also about the business of survival as an aspiring screenwriter. The pandemic and a couple of "development hell" situations had thrown me right off course and now I feel like I have the tools to navigate my way back. He's deeply knowledgable, deeply personable, and deeply sound, and the course is brilliantly structured. What's even more incredible is being able to do it in the company of a really diverse group of people with very different origin stories and in very different places with their writing, but all equally neeky and passionate about TV writing. Odds are we might not all "make it" - the industry can feel a bit like Squid Game sometimes - but having invested in this course we all stand a much better chance than we did three days ago, and I'm going into this next round of the games feeling much better equipped and much more positive, not only about my writing, but also about my ability to sustain the graft needed to push through. Thanks Phil!
Course Attendee
Philip has the unique and valuable ability to cut past the overused jargon, instead focusing on practical principles. Philip has an up to date understanding of the industry, particularly in regard to television. In short, he knows his stuff.
Ben Mitchell
A fantastic insight into how the industry works and how to break in.
Oliver David
The 2 day screenwriting course exceeded my expectations. Philip has such a vast amount of experience and it really shows. He imparted huge amounts of wisdom, not just in screenwriting, but the industry too. The guest speakers also offered fascinating insight. An incredibly informative and thoroughly enjoyable weekend, thank you!
Melissa May Smith
I would like say that this Introduction to Screenwriting course was well delivered in an eloquent, professional and relaxed manner. The topics covered were relevant, timely, and objective to the course critique, they were open and engaging to the student throughout for questioning and discussion. I have no doubt that I would like to attend another course in the near future (yet to be decided). Philip is a credit not only to himself, but the profession that he serves, as well as his fellow colleagues who were able to present themselves on the day. Thank you.
Howard Thomas
Despite my ‘stage fright’ I’m a great believer in getting out there and meeting other Writers on all rungs of the ladder. Developing spec scripts entirely under my own steam I like to use courses as prescribed writing deadlines. Philip has a magic way of bringing everyone together with his approachable, personable demeanour and focussed on-point seminars. His courses often include stellar industry insiders who willingly share their experiences without limits – all the makings of a thrilling and rewarding day for any Screenwriter whatever the level.
Jane Lake
If you are considering doing this course, then please go for it! I would wholeheartedly recommend it – a hugely stimulating and enjoyable day that’s jam packed with really helpful information from Philip, examinations of scripts from writers – what works and why – as well as analysis of successful TV series including a guest speaker session from its director… and lots more! The day is a really open, inclusive one with the ability to meet other new writers as well as really helpful industry contacts. Would have no hesitation in recommending to others!
Alana Baily
‘This course has an impressive balance of interesting creative exercises to help improve the quality of your writing ideas, mixed with inspiring, humorous and informative talks from working screenwriters and an agent. I found it a really enjoyable weekend spent with a great group of fellow writers. I would strongly recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to learn more about screenwriting and the industry in general.
Victoria Perkins
A lot of screenwriting courses can be a bit candyfloss – they seem fun but the substance soon dissolves. Phil’s course is different: it gets to the meat and bones of what you need to do to become a working screenwriter. I left inspired, focused and determined. If you want to be a screenwriter, without hesitation, this is the course I recommend you take!
Steve Coats-Dennis
I signed-up for Philip’s course because it looked like a great value for money option in terms of meeting other writers and guests who were already established in the industry. What I got out of it was so much more. Philip is a charming, patient and thoroughly engaging tutor who is obviously an expert in his field. Not just this – he really loves what he does and this enthusiasm is truly infectious. Besides introducing me to new creative strategies to improve my writing, he opened my eyes to a range of development opportunities which I had never really considered before. Philip made me realise that networking is a positive thing and I now have much more confidence to explore collaborative projects and funding opportunities. He also gave me some great tips on how to approach industry professionals in a way that makes me look more like a professional myself! Our guest speakers were entertaining and inspirational. It was great to hear from successful writers and to be reminded that they were once in the same place I am now. The other attendees on the course were an amazing bunch of people and it was great to meet them and share ideas with them. I hope to keep in touch with many of them for a long time. I would thoroughly recommend Philip’s screenwriting course to anyone wanting to take the next step in their career and I have such confidence in Philip that I will certainly be engaging his services as a script consultant in the near future.
Simon Wilkinson
I enjoyed the variety of the weekend course, and found the topics covered relevant and up-to-date. The attitude and advice towards building a career in scriptwriting was very realistic and practical, but Phil is always encouraging. Having the guest speakers was brilliant, and they were all generous and supportive in sharing their experiences and answering questions. All in all, it is the perfect way to re- focus, refresh your understanding of craft, meet other writers and also pitch and develop new ideas to each other. I would definitely recommend it.
Leah Dike
This course catapults the theory of screenwriting into the practical sphere of pitching and promoting your work. Whilst the essentials of writing a great script are covered, more time is spent on practising the skills required to help get your work made, from idea-generation to industry networking. We also received three separate visits from industry professionals who didn’t waste a second in sharing the passion for their profession, as well as answering any questions we had (and we had plenty). All in all, I most definitely came away feeling a sense of invigoration and a renewed desire to roll up my sleeves and get down to the business of writing.
Nigel Pilkington
Philip and his guests are incredibly generous in their sharing of knowledge and experience. Full of practical advice, the course is packed with really useful information – even if you’ve been reading books on scriptwriting all your life! I felt so privileged to be part of that group and came home feeling inspired and full of ideas. If you’re thinking about a career in scriptwriting, this is just the kickstart you need. Highly recommended.
Marcelo Spinelli
‘A mentally invigorating and intense two days with lots packed in by Phil and the (brilliantly chosen!) guest contributors, who were really generous with their advice and knowledge-sharing. It’s a really inclusive course that’s both challenging and encouraging – I came away exhausted but very much re-enthused and am looking forward to applying some of the basic tenets to my next project. There was a lot of practical advice given, relating to the industry and trying to work within it that was pragmatic, very sound advice, which is invaluable. A course like this is a real investment – and the by-product of that investment is, you get to meet some lovely people !
Liz Taylor
‘Phil is a great course leader – enthusiastic, candid, supportive and with a great sense of humour – who really puts you through your paces, and manages to make everyone feel part of the weekend. Excellent guest speakers give real colour to the weekend, providing a range and depth of experience that will answer questions you didn’t know you had. Can’t recommend enough for anyone who is developing their screenwriting career.
Peter Cragg
The best job I had growing up was in a cinema, where a group of people came together all with different ages and experiences but shared hopes and dreams. We’d do a bit of work showing people how to find their way around in the dark then watch and chat about films. It was a magical time. Philip Shelley’s screenwriting course recreated this magic only with a purpose.
I came across the course through a chance recommendation from a long-lost friend and had little idea about quite how esteemed, professional and fascinating it would be. With Phil and his guest speakers, you’re among screenwriting royalty but these royals are generous with their knowledge and not just their smiles – though there are plenty of those too.
It’s a fun weekend. Busy but hugely enjoyable and I learned everything I thought I wanted to plus a lifetime’s worth of knowledge shared about a craft and a business I’ve obsessed about but never fully understood. If you are serious about screenwriting as a career or you just want to learn to write screenplays for fun while being encouraged by the best in the business and goaded by a pile of a billion biscuits, this is the course for you. Fruit, water and biscuits are included.
Rich Browning
For aspirant screenwriters Philip’s course is a must-attend event. Not only will you benefit from Philip’s years of experience, delivered with honesty and humility in a friendly and open setting, but you also get access to Philip’s contacts; guest speakers and then later with industry players in the pub for informal chat. I came away with new perspectives and ideas but also solid and specific advice which is otherwise very difficult for outsiders to access.
Steve Mallinson
As a beginner to screenwriting this course gave me great insight into the world of screenwriting, the difficulties you will face, my own strengths and weakness and direction in which to focus upon. I would highly recommend Philip Shelley, his Introduction to Screenwriting course and would like to thank him for an exceptional day and a great evening where I was given great advice from professional screenwriters.
Jeff Bates
As one of those people whose aim is to (and here comes a cliché) realise the long -held dream of writing a screenplay, this course ticked so many boxes that I ran out of boxes! Insightful, stimulating, pragmatic, varied and brutally honest, each exercise was designed to understand, question and confront the dream into a reality. Looking round at the group, a diverse gathering of age, gender and experience, it is obvious that we can learn so much from others. I don’t know if there is a collective noun for screenwriters, but I think it should be “an inspiration”! Thank you Philip and your team.
Fran Morris
The best introduction to the screenwriting industry I could have hoped for. Philip and his guests were full of practical knowledge not only on the basics of formatting and storytelling, but in how the industry works. Would fully recommend!
Nicki Hill
Even for writers with experience like myself, this was a great reminder that when it comes to writing, less is more and that the emphasis should be on visual storytelling, as opposed to talking heads. I got five or six email addresses from development executives at the networking drinks afterwards – which was worth the price alone!
Rossa McPhillips
What was clear from the outset and throughout the course, was that Philip genuinely cared about the people in the room and made every attempt to provide helpful and constructive feedback to any and every question. The exercises were a valuable creative process and the feedback personalised and sincere. The guest speakers provided valuable insight into often closed areas of the business, and like Philip, they made every effort to engage and help the students. Overall, an extremely worthwhile course for someone with an existing understanding of scriptwriting (however limited) looking for more guidance or inspiration down their path.
Massimo Marioni
This is a fantastic course and will be invaluable to anyone interested in screenwriting – whether just starting out or having completed some scripts. There’s so much packed into the day from script presentation to the working life of a screenwriter. Philip is thorough, approachable and explains everything clearly. I came away excited, enthused and ready to work on my projects. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – book it, you definitely won’t be disappointed!
Victoria Clarke
The weekend course has helped me re-set & re-focus, an impressive amount was covered in just two days, it was fun & inspiring and I always enjoy the opportunity to connect with other writers. I left feeling re-energised & ready to embrace to next challenge. Thank you!
Jennifer Smith
Considering the course was only for two days, the information that I was given, I found not only hugely useful but also sunk in and made a real difference to my mindset over the next few days. Having studied Screenwriting at university for three years, I was well prepared and used to how lectures are run and organised, but I felt there was so much genuine passion and knowledge in the room between us twenty writers, Phil and the guest speakers, that I took more from those two days in London, than I did in three years at university. I wasn’t expecting a miracle cure to my writing or some hidden industry secret handshake, but I was expecting to leave the two days with at least three new points that I could use to my advantage…but to my delight, I left with more than just three. The group were a delight to mix with not only in the room but in the pub afterwards and I think the main thing I learnt which I was very sceptical about doing, (especially after experiences at university) was working and talking with others, but the two day course has changed my mindset and it was very refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people. Cheers once again Phil and I can’t wait for you to read my script.
James Brennan
‘Philip’s one-day screenwriting course was a fantastic experience which has given me the confidence to put pen to paper and write my first script. Not only was it very practical in terms of teaching us about the craft of screenwriting, but we also received entertaining and informative talks from Bafta-nominated screenwriters and the networking event in the evening was a great opportunity to speak to people in the industry, and I left with a lot of tips – and email addresses! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an idea for a script and wants to know where to begin.
Ellie Harrison
As a relative beginner, I would highly recommend Philip’s One-Day course to anybody that is taking their first steps into screenwriting. I went in with many questions, from basic formatting queries to story-telling principles, and all were addressed without even needing to ask. Philip himself explained the basic principles of story-telling perfectly in a relatively short amount of time and whetted my appetite to learn more about applying these principles to my own work. As well as Philip, Vinay and Anna provided valuable insights into having a career in the industry and how they view story-telling and were both very approachable at the networking session afterward, as were the many people that also attended from various areas of the television world. I’m now very much looking forward to the two-day course.
Ryan Lowe
I attended Philip Shelley’s 2-day screenwriting course in Nov 2019 and would highly recommend it for any writer looking to refine their writing technique and for advice on how to break into the industry. The sessions on verbal and written pitches were particularly good. A great opportunity to practice in a safe, friendly environment with constructive feedback. The Q&A sessions with guest speakers were also hugely beneficial. (On this course – 2 successful writers and an agent). Finally, meeting other like-minded writers and sharing experiences was great therapy! Once again, I came away with renewed energy and motivation for writing!
Linda Butler
I found Phil Shelley’s 2 day writing course to be an engaging and interactive foray into the world of screenwriting. Packed with useful tips for writers and supported by the experiences of industry guest speakers; If you are or have ever wanted to be a screenwriter then you are likely to come away from this course with some valuable insights.
Stephen Ridley
If your writing mojo has upped and left for no good reason and you really miss it – DO THIS COURSE. It will return with flowers and apologies and a ton of great ideas.
Penny Nicholas
Philip’s 2-day screenwriting course is an informative and entertaining bootcamp for aspiring writers. Filled with knowledge and experience with some great guest speakers, I finished the weekend having learned some important lessons on how to improve my writing, and how to make a career out of it. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
Sam Ferguson
Thank you, Philip Shelley, for an amazing two days of learning to craft and managing my writing in the most useful “Screenwriting: Telling your story” course. It was inspirational and full of tips. Will truly recommend any writers to help their projects to some very high standards.
Kooi Gelndinning
An excellent two-day course, both for complete beginners and those with more experience. The sessions on the business side of screenwriting were particularly good as this is so often overlooked. I had so many light-bulb moments! And hearing from the guest speakers was a real highlight!
Stevie Cooke
I would highly recommend Phil’s one-day course. For those who are unable to commit to his two-day course, this is an intense but satisfying and inspiring day of talks and lessons which were useful for the broad spectrum of experience levels in attendance – from beginners, to those with more familiarity with screenwriting. Each session had a different format to keep the day engaging and the guest speakers were humorous and insightful. The evening networking session Phil organised was a great idea. Writing can be an isolated experience, so it was wonderful to socialise with fellow course attendees, and the industry professionals Phil invited went out of their way to be welcoming and helpful. The whole day was buzzing with warmth and enthusiasm, which sent me home inspired to get back to writing.
Jack Kendall
I loved the course and honestly I’m excited to start my script writing journey wherever that takes me. I found that what we covered really helped me do that and demystify the process. I loved the practical advice, the breakdown of the day and the guest speakers who I could have listened to for much longer. In many ways it focused on the ‘business’ of script writing, which was both inspiring but a reality check against the more sentimental motivations for writing.
Polly Hills
‘Philip’s one-day screenwriting course was a fantastic experience which has given me the confidence to put pen to paper and write my first script. Not only was it very practical in terms of teaching us about the craft of screenwriting, but we also received entertaining and informative talks from Bafta-nominated screenwriters and the networking event in the evening was a great opportunity to speak to people in the industry, and I left with a lot of tips – and email addresses! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an idea for a script and wants to know where to begin.
Kate Fitzroy
A really well thought out day that covers all the bases anyone new to the world of screenwriting needs to know. Great introduction from Phil, supported by comprehensive notes, followed by really generous industry professionals sharing useful information and answering questions, which meant by the end of the day I had a clear understanding of how to move forward into the screenwriting world. Thanks Phil ☺
Jarek Adams
Philip Shelley’s 2-day course is a must for any screenwriter! Philip distils his extensive experience as a script editor, producer, and developer of new talent into a weekend packed with insights. His talks, exercises, and guest speakers help illuminate the often mystifyingscreenwriting industry. I left the course with increased confidence and new tools for pursing my career as a TV writer. Simply put: this course is well worth your time and money
Renee Donlon
Philip’s screenwriting course is great whether you’re considering becoming a writer or are already in the industry and looking to continue to grow your skills and industry knowledge. It was great to meet other writers, and Philip is definitely the person you want to be getting screenwriting advice from. The weekend was very interactive and fun and I could definitely do it all over again!
Alannah Olivia
I found Philip’s two day screenwriting course to be a fantastic mix of inspirational and useful. Sessions on craft and theory but also tonnes of practical, useful advice on how to get work and build a career in writing. It gave us useful tools in how to keep finding new ideas and to see if these were the sort of ideas that were industry focused. The small class size really helped keep things focused and friendly. Sometimes in a huge class a short pitching exercise ends up taking up half the day. Phil packs so much into these two days and gives everyone honest feedback and advice. The three guest speakers were fantastically generous with their personal stories, funny and entertaining but also shared real insider industry knowledge. The course is really good value for money and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.
Fiona Kellett
The course was amazing. I met some fantastic, fellow writers, which we are all staying in touch with. There was a lot of information given on the course, all of which was really useful. The information, that was given, was not only, what you need to do, but also what you shouldn’t do. The guest speakers were really informative. Giving their real life stories, on how they got to where they are.
Kathleen Kirkland
The Philip Shelley Screenwriting Course is an incredibly informative weekend with a mountain of information packed in. Philip is a great speaker and the sessions are all inclusive for everyone in attendance. The course includes an array of guest speakers covering different matters and their journeys of how they got there. From the craft to the business side, everything is relevant. 100% recommended!
Nicky Pirie
I can wholly recommend this course (and the one-day course!) to other would be screenwriters. There is so much conflicting information around and a seemingly endless supply of course providers; it is daunting to take the plunge to pay for some guidance without natural reservations. Phillip has proven experience and contacts within the industry that make the course both useful, fun and at an affordable price. If I ever make it to the dizzy heights of receiving an award, he will get a mention in my thank you speech!
Tom Howard
It was so rewarding to attend Phil’s course, it has refreshed my approach toward my screenwriting career, provided excellent industry information and given me the chance to meet both highly talented fellow attendees and high-profile speakers, including writers and an agent. This last aspect is worth attending for alone, but combined with all the other pluses, it makes the course unbeatable as an investment in yourself.
Sunita Webster
Philip is very generous with his knowledge and experience, which he imparts in a personable, kind and encouraging way. A lot was crammed into the 2 days, but as a relative beginner, I came away thinking I should have a go at adapting the biography “Tell Me I’m Forgiven” for the screen.
Rosie Wakley
I signed up for Philip’s two day screenwriting course after finding his one day course inspirational and this one was just as inspiring. You get a fantastic mix of teaching, exercises – the pitching is particularly useful – and hearing first–hand experience and advice from writers and agents. Great two days with some lovely people.
Michele Brailsford
‘I cannot speak highly enough of Philip’s two day screenwriting course. It combined practical advice on how to craft a screenplay (that others would want to actually read) with inspirational talks from guest speakers from within the industry. And there was the added bonus of being able to pitch ideas and get feedback within a supportive and constructive environment. I left the weekend feeling invigorated and feeling optimistic about continuing connections I had formed with other attendees.
Eleanor Thomson
Two days packed with insight, a crash course in screenwriting fundamentals and inspirational speakers. Thank you – Philip is a trusted and valued mentor.
Adam Warner
I attended the Introduction to Screenwriting course in May 2019 and would highly recommend it for anyone just starting out on their screenwriting journey. Having studied for an MA in Creative Writing where tutor guidance on screenwriting was very minimal, I was looking for a back-to-basics approach on the principles of formatting and crafting screenplays with additional advice on ways to break into the industry. I was not disappointed! The course delivered on both fronts as well as offering the opportunity to meet with like-minded writers from a variety of backgrounds and the chance to chat with industry professionals at an organised networking event at a local pub afterwards. I came away feeling informed, inspired and motivated to carry on with my screenwriting!
Linda Butler
The world of screenwriting is full of secrets. And Philip keeps them. Thankfully, he is an incredibly generous guy and shares everything he knows with his students in this course. And so do the brilliant Guest Speakers. He packs so much information into two days your head will be spinning full of ideas when you stagger home from the pub after the final day drink & chat evening (an essential part of the course which you’d do well to attend). If you’re lucky enough to book a place before it sells out, go for it. And if you’re serious about writing, these two days could be the best investment you ever make.
Marcelo Spinelli
This was an intense two day understanding of what it’s like to be working as a television drama writer in the UK. The guest speakers were open, honest and more importantly vulnerable. They answered all our questions and didn’t hide the fact that it is a tough industry but there’s so many ways in and to make a living as a full-time writer. Philip is a lovely person to lead the two days and his guidance, wisdom and patience were appreciated by the group as well as the practical exercises. Thank you. I hope to be working with you very soon Philip!
Alex Browning
I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Philip is highly regarded in the industry and full of insight and advice gained from years of experience. He is also a thoughtful and skilled facilitator. He does a great job of helping you reflect on your writing projects. I’ve also met some wonderful people on Phil’s courses which in turn has helped me to talk about my work, my career and build my personal network.
Catherine Newell
Philip Shelley’s 2-day course is jam-packed with information for any aspiring screenwriter. It gives you a unique opportunity to trail and workshop ideas with peers, receive excellent feedback and learn from others’ experiences of the industry. There is also the opportunity to meet and learn from highly respected industry professionals. I cannot recommend this course enough!
Thomas Baker
What Philip doesn’t know about screenwriting isn’t worth knowing. For a novice taking my first steps into the craft, I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction. This course provides two very educational and inspirational days and has given me the impetus to persevere with my own writing. I enjoyed the course immensely and learned a great deal!
Trish Bertram
The course is a great opportunity to learn the craft of screenwriting. Philip is a great teacher, and he’s great at making the class interactive and practical rather than just being theoretical. In addition to this you get to hear from some amazingly talented writers who are accomplished and have lots of knowledge to share. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers. I completely underestimated how much I could learn from them. When the course ends, you can join a writers’ group like I have done, which will help you to continue your learnings from the course.
James Barber
I’ve had a fantastic time at the two-day screenwriting course. In a short space of time, I learnt a huge amount about the creative and writing process, and the workings of the TV and film industry. Being able to hear from and speak to current and successful writers was incredible and inspiring, and to speak with an agent was helpful and quite eye opening. I’ve made some great contacts through the course and I would highly recommend this course to anyone, at any stage of their screen writing endeavours.
Jude O'Connor
Philip Shelley’s two-day screenwriting course surpassed my expectations. It was invaluable to my learning and it challenged me to think about writing in ways I had not considered before. It really made me think about the power of story, subtext in dialogue and character. The varied sessions across the two-days were just the motivation and inspiration that I needed to continue writing. It was a privilege to be taught by Philip who is exceptionally skilled and talented. His passion for his craft is clearly evident in the way he delivers the course. Philip managed to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you feel safe to share and pitch ideas. I highly recommend this exceptional course to all aspiring writers.
Shaida Chaudhury
Philip Shelley’s two-day course was invaluable in building confidence in my writing abilities and in making a career in screenwriting seem both realistic and accessible. His knowledge of the industry and advice on how it all (really) works is second to none and his talks, as well as those of his excellent guest speakers, packed more information into two days than many screenwriting ‘how-to’ books do cover-to-cover. Philip’s name comes up time and again as an industry expert and champion of new writers for a reason, and the chance to hear what he has to say should not be missed.
Kate Traill Price
This is a fantastic, varied and intensive course, which I highly recommend. Philip is a generous and brilliant course tutor, and the calibre of the guest speakers is outstanding. I would absolutely recommend if you are looking to gain insight into the TV industry, or just looking to develop your writing craft further. It’s a thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring few days.
Jessica Norman
This course provided an in-depth introduction to how the industry works, contact with industry professionals (both participants and speakers) and hands-on experience with some essential writing skills. It’s amazing how much was packed in!
Angus Barnacle & Camilla Green
You were extremely positive and encouraging throughout. I’ve seen a variety of teaching methods and I just wanted to say I really appreciate the kindness and tact with which you handled the day. Also I found Anders extremely refreshing. He was passionate, had a unique view and was not timid. In my world everything is tentative and dummed down, and he was razor sharp and highly articulate.
Peter Goult
I found Philip's course invaluable, coming away with a better idea of my writing strengths and what to improve on. Having a successful, frank and driven writer as the guest speaker was very helpful. The day was well balanced, practical, sociable and insightful. I came away feeling even more compelled to write. Thank you.
Jane Unsworth
This course helped me find simple practical exercises to push my writing forward and really coaxed me over a confidence hump. Philip gave great feedback and having to present ideas in front of other people was an important step forward.
Jenni Doggett
I have applied to the C4 screenwriting course (twice) and knew of Philip Shelly because I know he runs the course and I receive his fortnightly newsletters. I wanted to do a workshop with him because I thought it would be helpful in stimulating new ideas. It certainly does help you stimulate ideas and working with other people to generate new material proved very helpful. All of the exercises were helpful and insightful. I will be able to use these exercise in my own work and avoid getting stuck.
Joanne Griffiths
Fun, creative and (above all) useful! Phillip’s Creativity for Screenwriters demonstrates how painlessly generate great story ideas for the screen.
Frederic Casella
The CREATIVITY FOR SCRIPTWRITERS is very effective in providing you with film and TV ideas you can start writing immediately. It truly shows how many ideas you can come up with in a single day and it consequently become a great tool to avoid procrastination.
Alessandro Riconda
A brilliant course which I’d thoroughly recommend. Philip was encouraging and the course content and materials were helpful. I got loads out of the day and will use the exercises again to generate new ideas. Thank you Philip! I really enjoyed the day so much and appreciate all you did to create a welcoming safe space where we could explore ideas. It was a lovely group. Lots of fun!
Alice Bright
A brilliant course for anyone looking to rustle up some ideas in a hurry!
Alex English
Unique & rare exercises which helped me generate great new ideas…
Adeel Yaqoob
An enjoyable, action-packed day where we were put through our paces – Phil was great at leading us to develop our ideas. No-one was left floundering, all were given equal time and encouragement. I would definitely attend other courses run by Phil.
Sue Mackender
Really great course! I urge anyone stuck for ideas to spend the day listening to Phil’s words of wisdom and mind-expanding activities. Drove home absolutely buzzing with ideas!’
Ben Hogan
Great course well worth the money. I really enjoyed the exercises and hearing ideas from others in the group. I highly recommend it.’
Elizabeth Friend
The Creativity for Scriptwriters course gave me useful tools for generating character and plot ideas. But even more invaluable is the opportunity to meet and talk to other writers. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Laurence Clark
‘I really recommend Phil’s course for a few things – for offering invaluable time to pitch your ideas (and improve them) in a positive, helpful environment – for the time spent with highly successful agents and writers (often course alumni), who were more than happy to share their insights into the industry – and for the course’s sense of practicality. We were there to talk about work, which I liked!
Olivia Gagan
‘Still high and buzzing from Philip Shelley’s Screenwriting Course. It cleverly bridged creativity, craft and practical, current advice to kick start a screenwriting career. Phil and the fantastic speakers, Anna Symon, Cat Jones and Jonathan Kinnersley, were generous and open with their experiences, advice and feedback. I defy anyone not to leave bursting with ideas, motivation and optimism.
Julia Wurz
I thoroughly recommend Philip’s two day screenwriting course. I learned more in a weekend than I ever thought possible. Beyond this, I met some fanatically inspiring people, had enormous fun and left on the Sunday with a head full of ideas and the confidence to see them through. The course manages to be both theoretical and practical, also giving a realistic overview of the business of screenwriting in a rapidly changing landscape. Frankly, I’d like to do the course all over again!
Holly Seddon
Hi Phil. Many thanks for an inspirational Sunday. You brilliantly demonstrated that coming up with new ideas needn't be torture and just how much more fun it all can be when you put ego aside and collaborate. A great day!
David Hitchcox
An inspiring, fun workshop, packed full of short exercises that generated a surprising number of original stories in just a few hours. I came away with new ideas that I can’t wait to work on, and a completely new approach to writing.
Carla Lomax
I attended Philip's one-day Creativity for Scriptwriters course and I can recommend it very highly to anyone who is interested in learning new skills and techniques. I found the exercises to be extremely useful, Philip gave honest and helpful feedback throughout and the whole day was great fun!
Heidi Morrell
Really fun and absorbing day. Didn't drag in the slightest, had a lot of fun while learning. Highly recommended.
Guv Singh
A great day where your brain is unlocked and your thinking is expanded - highly recommended.
Ahsan Kazmi
It was an excellent day. From very straightforward exercises we came up with an amazing number of intriguing, and possibly even viable, ideas for films. What I particularly liked was that the techniques freed you from interior hang-ups, releasing you into the wide world outside your own head (no scripts about lonely writers, whose partners had walked out on them, trying to come up with ideas for films). The guest appearance by Anders Lustgarten was particularly inspiring, reminding everyone of the importance actually having something to say and the passion and commitment to make sure it is heard - this presentation both elevated and grounded the exercises that took place around it (if that is not a contradiction). All in all a busy, good-humoured, invaluable and thoroughly enjoyable day.
Roland Denning
This course worked not through Phil telling us about how to be more creative, but by him getting us to actually demonstrate creativity. We worked collaboratively on coming up with new ideas and developing them into forms that can clearly be developed into great scripts. The results were incredibly original and inspiring. This beautifully demonstrated how effective it is in script writing to bounce ideas off other writers.
Terry Edge
A highly practical course offering numerous hints and tips to inspire creativity and fresh ideas for character and story development’ Dave Joseph, Basingstoke, June 2014 Philip gets you to think outside the computer screen. Inspiring and very positive.
Rod Powell
As screenwriters we spend a huge amount of time generating ideas – they are the lifeblood of what we do. The Creativity for Screenwriters Course is a whole day dedicated to thinking about how we generate ideas, and practising a variety of idea generating techniques in a fun, supportive environment. I would recommend this course to both novice and established writers. Even if you have used some of the techniques before, the opportunity to look objectively at the creative process and refine your skills can only be beneficial. Phil is a great teacher, and he always runs his courses in a warm, humorous manner. I can’t recommend this course enough.
Anita Gallo
I loved this course. I struggle to create a bank of ideas without self-doubt and criticism creeping in. It was great to work quickly on ideas and see how far they could be developed in one day. And it was fun to collaborate with a wide range of writers of varied experience across different media.
Caroline Dean
As a testament to how useful I found the course, I would say that the day never ceased to be inspirational and eye opening, due to both the techniques you presented us with and the varying mix of people I interacted with. The result of this was the generation of unique ideas. Thanks again for running the course.
Pria Rai
An excellent, inspiring course for anybody with a desire to see their words and ideas come alive as a screenplay. It certainly worked for me and got parts of the creative brain working again for the first time in years. It was a beautifully structured course that built on a series of exercises through the day while teaching the importance of collaboration. It was a lot of fun and very useful.
Steve Langley
A quick note to say many thanks for an excellent course. I found the dreaded rewrites a lot easier to grapple with after such an inspiring day. I hope to come to another of your courses someday but I’m confident I won’t need another shot in the arm any time soon!
Lucy Flannery
‘Phil’s reputation as a sound proponent of the screenwriting art attracts wide, varied and enthusiastic people to the course. Not only are the days valuable, they are also great fun.
Jan Caston
I thoroughly enjoyed the Screenwriting Course, I loved the fluidity that we had within the topics. The guest speakers really add value and allow you to gain perspective on how committed to the cause you need to be for success. It was great to have such a varied group of individuals at all levels of experience to share ideas with.
Sam Stretton
I really enjoyed this course. The classes provide a chance to talk and get feedback on your work, but the onus is on you to get the writing done in between. It’s demanding – a completed script in three weeks! – but that’s because the focus is on producing a finished piece of work, that you can actually do something with. I gained a lot from being around such inspiring course-mates, who had great ideas and gave kind, considered notes.
Olivia Gagan
I came away from Philip Shelley’s short film script course with a feeling that I’d “re-set” myself creatively. It was refreshing to hear so many original ideas, as well as shape my own. Plus it was the chance to get and give and get feedback from such a wide range of writers. Really helped me to put together a script quickly and come up with ideas that I wanted to keep working on.
Eleanor Thomson
This course exceeded my expectations before it even started. I was surprised with the number of ideas I was able to come up with under pressure in preparation - one of which although unsuitable for a short film, I am very excited to develop into a drama series. It was a real challenge to develop and write a first draft of a new idea in such a short space of time and extremely rewarding. I feel that I have developed both in my writing and in my confidence. It was lovely to meet other writers and I found the group to be engaged and encouraging. It was a pleasure to provide feedback to others and hear their helpful opinions on my script. Phil has a kind, considered, and supportive approach which is much appreciated. If you like the idea of completing a short film script quickly, under pressure, and meeting other writers in the process, I would highly recommend this course. Thank you, Phil!
Melissa D'Anzieri
If you’re looking for a brilliant introduction to the craft writing of short films, and a structure which allows you to pitch, outline and write a script over three weeks, and get expert feedback on each stage, then this course is ideal. I had a great time and I’m really thrilled to have written a script I’m really excited about at the end of it.
Lisa Carroll
Philip’s Short Film Script Course gave me the essential ‘oomph’ to get a long-gestating short film written, and not just written, but reviewed and nurtured by insightful and like-minded writers drawn from a wide range of experience across the creative industries; inspiring, creative and motivating.
Frederic Casella
I couldn’t recommend this course enough. As a writer (early on in their screenwriting endeavour) I found this experience truly invaluable. Over the course of a weekend I learnt a number of crucial fundamentals on the screenwriting craft, along with some indispensable advice on how to break into the industry. This course inspired me to really examine the process of storytelling, considering vital questions I hadn’t yet considered – and overall to approach my writing in a new and exciting way. Thanks to the skilful structure of the course, the ground we covered in just two days was really impressive – my only wish was that it was longer! I found it incredibly galvanising to be around other writers, collaborating on ideas with them in group workshops, and listening to a varied and brilliant mix of guest speakers (an agent and two script writers). It’s a really inclusive atmosphere – in which you are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible – and the small intake ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute. Writing can be a solitary business, so it’s such a joy to meet a handful of wonderful and interesting new writers with whom I hope to stay in contact with. Starting out can be intimidating but Philip’s course gave me both the confidence and clarity of how to take the next steps.
Daisy Stenham