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I also offer professional advice and guidance on who to target with your project, and use my industry contacts on your behalf. Having worked in the TV and film industry for many years, I have strong links to commissioning editors, broadcasters, many freelance producers, writers and directors, as well as with many of the leading literary agents, specializing in representation of film and TV writers.

NB I only offer this service if and when I think the script is ready to go out professionally.


Although Philip is proven to work wonders with professional writers, I compose this with newer and aspiring screenwriters in mind. I can honestly say that working with Philip was the single most important component outside of my actual writing in making the jump from aspiring screenwriter to entering the industry proper. Over the course of 9 months and 3 sessions Philip helped me refine and polish my script until it was genuinely ready to be set free into the industry. His feedback is constructive, informed, objective, and most importantly, honest. His knowledge of structure and his eye for focussing a story on its core was particularly helpful in terms of getting the very best out of my story. Philip became a proper partner on my project and played a key role in my first industry option. If you’re serious about screenwriting as a career then working with Philip is one of the best ways you can get your work and yourself ready for the challenge ahead.
Hunter Andrews
Philip's feedback was crucial in helping me rewrite a script that got me an agent and a place on the Brit List. His advice was to the point, perceptive but not prescriptive and he really 'got' my story from the start, and helped me tell it better. He was also a generous and enthusiastic supporter after we'd finished working together, sharing his contacts and offering advice.
Abi Gliddon
I’ve asked Phil to help me on every one of my screenplays so far. He’s not only helped me to raise my game immeasurably – making my writing much tighter than I could ever have managed on my own – but he’s also used his own (considerable!) connections in the business to put me in touch with TWO agents. I’ve had a meeting with one, and am currently talking to them both about possible representation. Phil Shelley? He’s the man!
Jan Smith, Screenwriter
I was in need of a script consultant to tell me if I’d got the plot or lost the plot! In my search for one, Philip Shelley’s name cropped up again and again. He was highly regarded within the industry, so I sent my script to him. The forensic report that has come back is inspiring and in no way dispiriting. It so precisely pinpoints the strengths and weakness of my proposed TV drama I am able to progress it to a marketable level. I would say Philip’s input is not an extravagance, it’s a necessity and a worthwhile investment!
Julia Heywood
Philip’s help in improving my script through his astute advice and detailed reports has proved invaluable. Not only has the reworked script prompted interest from several industry people, the process has led to my first professional commission, working with Philip as a scriptwriter and storyliner on a Nigerian TV drama series. I’ve learned so much from this experience and am now revved up to seriously pursue a career in screenwriting. A huge thank you Philip.
Jacqui Canham, Journalist and Screenwriter
As someone with experience in writing for the stage and radio, I found making the transition to screenwriting more challenging than I’d imagined but with Philip’s clear, honest and straightforward feedback I’ve now written a spec screenplay that I’m proud of. My agent and her colleagues are impressed with the script and it has now gone out to two television producers. I can’t recommend Philip highly enough and would urge anyone who is serious about a career in screenwriting to contact him.
Louise Monaghan
…The NYPD Blue script got me accepted onto the Carlton Screenwriters Course where I met Philip Shelley who really supported me and in the end up got me my first paid writing job and used his contacts to get me an agent…
Terry Cafolla, Screenwriter
(Holy Cross, BBC; Messiah, BBC; Law & Order (Kudos/BBC)
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