Channel 4 Screenwriting Course

Entries for the 2024 Channel 4 Screenwriting Course are now closed

Course Content


The purpose of the course is to offer 12 writers new to television drama an insight into how the industry works and to provide a “dry-run” of what it can be like to write under a television drama commission, specifically for one hour series and serial drama, and to work with them as they write an original drama script.

Writers will be expected to write an original C4 / E4 one-hour drama series or serial pilot episode, and 2-3 page outline / pitch for the series / serial as a whole.

Each writer will be assigned a script editor, who is currently working in the industry, to guide them through this process. Writers will meet at least twice with their script editor and should complete a 2nd draft script before the 2nd weekend of the course. Completed, 2nd draft scripts will be sent to the script editor and two other writers on the course, for workshop discussions at the second weekend.



20th & 21st January 2024 and 8th & 9th June 2024.

Writers must ensure before entering that they are available to attend both these weekends (in London) and are free to write at least two drafts of an original one-hour television drama between 22nd January and 1st June 2024.

First Weekend

Writers, directors, producers and script editors in the industry will speak to the participants on a variety of subjects relating to writing for television, especially writing for series and serial drama. There will also be time set aside for writers to discuss their ideas for one hour scripts with their assigned script editor.

Second Weekend

This will be split between a reading of a section of each script by actors on the first day, and discussion and analysis of each of the twelve finished scripts in small groups on the second day, finishing with a screening / workshop and an overview of the course and of the specific requirements of Channel 4 series and serial television drama.

It is essential to the success of the second weekend that writers submit their scripts on time and make time to read the (2) other writers’ scripts.

Drinks Evening

There will be a drinks evening at Channel 4 in London on the evening of Tuesday July 2nd 2024 (TBC) for the course writers to meet industry producers, script editors, literary agents etc.

Briefing Session

Successful writers will be invited to a briefing session at Channel 4 in London on the evening of Wednesday December 13th 2023 (before the course begins in January 2024). This is to give them a sense of the current remit for Channel 4 and E4 and to discuss what the course entails.

Entries for the 2024 Channel 4 Screenwriting Course are now closed


Only writers who do not have a broadcast credit as a television writer or theatrical release as a feature film writer may apply (although produced short films – 20 minutes or less – are exempt).

Opening Date

Monday 18th September 2023 at 9.00 am.

Closing Date

Monday 2nd October 2023 at 5.00 pm. 


Writers will be paid a fee for participating in the course and for completing two drafts of a one hour script. All writers will be required to grant Shelley Productions a first option for Channel 4 to acquire all rights in their script and will be told within six months of delivery whether Channel 4 wishes to exercise this option.

Entries for the 2024 Channel 4 Screenwriting Course are now closed

How to Apply

Entry is only possible via the form on this page.

Via this form only applicants should submit a CV, together with one writing sample (saved as a PDF). This can be a screenplay (film or TV), stage play or radio play, minimum length 20 pages (novels, treatments, short stories, unfinished screenplays and “shorts” are not acceptable), maximum length 130 pages.


The scripts should be original, not episodes of existing drama series.

Entry Form

Course FAQ's

Entry is free of charge.

  • Applicants must be 18 or over on Jan 1st 2023.
  • Applicants must be resident in UK or Ireland.
  • Channel 4’s purpose is to create change through entertainment; by representing unheard voices, challenging with purpose and delivering content which reflects the diversity of different communities across the UK.  We are only able to deliver on this remit by having a workforce rich in diversity of thought, background and lived experience. As an employer we encourage applications from candidates from all backgrounds and do not discriminate based on disability, age, gender reassignment, gender expression, criminal history, length of time spent unemployed, marriage or civil partnership status, national origin, pregnancy and maternity status, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. 
  • As well as individual writers, writing partnerships of two (max) may enter. Scripts submitted must be written by the partnership. Any writer submitting a script as part of a partnership cannot also submit a script as an individual.
  • You cannot submit scripts as an individual AND in a writing partnership.
  • Only one script per applicant can be submitted. Anyone submitting more than one script will not be considered.
  • No feedback can be given on the scripts.
  • No correspondence (email or otherwise) can be entered into with applicants.
  • We will be holding interviews for short-listed writers at Channel 4 in London or on zoom, Dec 4-6, 2023 (TBC).
  • We will inform the successful 12 writers by mid-Dec.
  • We will email every writer before the end of 2023 to let you know whether your application has been successful.
  • Scripts entered must be 20 – 130 pages in length. They can be screenplays, TV scripts, stage plays or audio plays. Scripts shorter than 20 pages or longer than 130 pages will not be considered.
  • Your submission must be your own original work, and may not be based wholly or in part, on the work of any other person, whether known, published, produced, or not (i.e. no adaptations). You may submit a script based on your own work which has been published or written in another form.
  • Script Logline: this should be a clear description of the narrative premise and dramatic proposition of the project you are submitting in one or two sentences (max 50 words).
  • Your submission is final. Under no circumstances will rewrites, corrections, replacement pages, or additional drafts of a submission be accepted.
  • Submitted scripts must be formatted clearly and legibly and emailed as PDF attachments.
  • We only accept email entries. All entries must be submitted through the online submission process.
  • Writers should include a CV with their scripts. (Writing work and other work / life experience can be included on the CV).
  • It is essential that applicants have an interest in and enthusiasm for Channel 4 drama. Scripts will be assessed on the strength of the writing and the writer’s suitability to Channel 4 drama. Scripts entered can reflect the range of the Channel 4 drama output (eg comic scripts, like Fresh Meat, as well as drama scripts will be considered).
  • You CANNOT enter a script if you previously entered it for the Channel 4 screenwriting course unless you identify as disabled.
  • You will be automatically notified by email immediately after submitting your script that your entry has been received.
  • The interviews for short-listed writers (Dec 2023) and the two weekends in January and June (2024) will be held at the Channel 4 building in London.
  • If successful, the idea you work on during the course will be a new idea, i.e. different to the script that you submit with your entry.


The Channel 4 Screenwriting Course has been a monumental leap forward in my career. Philip has streamlined the experience so intentionally that the writers are teed up for success from the very beginning. It is an unparalleled journey, and I have learned so much about what it’s like to receive and engage with notes, as well as allowing an idea to find itself in the process of drafting. The other gift of the course is the community that is established between the 12 writers. This career can be a very lonely one sometimes, but to be connected with fellow creatives who all understand the challenge at hand is a rare and beautiful thing. This sense of community continues after the course when the inevitable meetings and networking events start showing up on the calendar. It’s a support system that helps you flourish even more. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been a part of 4Screenwriting, and I wish all future writers every success.
Jon Champion
4 Screenwriting 2023
4Screenwriting was absolutely fantastic. Having started as a playwright and moving over to screen, it offered exactly what I needed to start understanding what it means to be a professional writer, gaining so much insight into the wider industry. I worked with patient and inspiring script editors and Philip himself is a never-ending source of knowledge and encouragement. I feel so proud of the script I wrote and very excited to see what comes next in my career. You also get to meet and work alongside a community of writers, all in a similar position to yourself which, for me, instantly made me feel grounded and supported in what can be quite a solitary career. All this glowing praise to say, I would wholeheartedly recommend 4Screenwriting to anyone looking to take that next step and to truly invest in their creativity and voice.
4 Screenwriting 2023
I had the best time in the world on the C4 writers’ group. Having applied for several years and not having much luck, I was absolutely over the moon to be accepted this year. The course itself is ran seamlessly, I can’t help thinking Philip Shelley also needs to have an emergency seat in parliament or on Ryanair’s operations team- he’s so organised and thoughtful. I met the most beautiful writers whose work I know I’ll be seeing on the big screen, but also writers I’ll be seeing in the pub and at their weddings. Everyone is now a dear friend. The course has given me method to my madness, it’s given me confidence and a thick skin for what is already feeling like a tough industry. To all my fellow writers on the course, to Philip, the runners, Channel 4 and to my incredible script editors Claire and Roxy- a huge thank you. And to everyone who’s thinking of applying - keep at it! I did for years and it was absolutely worth the wait.
4 Screenwriting 2023
I never thought I’d be accepted onto Channel 4Screenwriting. I applied with a play, which was a bit rogue. I thought, “Well, I might as well give it go…”. Reader, I’m very glad that I did. This course really is all it’s cracked up to be. With Philip’s guidance and encouragement, I felt able to dive into the world of screenwriting and learn more about the craft of writing for TV (something very new for me) in 7 months than any amount of bashing out scripts on my own could have given me. It’s rigorous and thorough: the process of working with fantastic script editors to develop and write an original screenplay, from pitch to final delivery, in a matter of months is no mean feat. But this course has opened doors in the industry that were never open to me before. It’s given me confidence in my writing as (lots of) meetings with agents and production companies come in. And it’s given me a great network of writers and script editors to be part of. Believe in yourself and apply!
4 Screenwriting 2023
Surprise, surprise, 4screenwriting is everything you’ve heard and thought about it to be already and yes, you need to apply as many times as it takes to get in. I got in on my third go, across five years, and all expectations were exceeded. It’s a tough old five months, I won’t lie to you. You’ll be pushed to your creative limits, it’ll take a lot of work to keep to deadline and churn out those drafts whilst still paying the rent and operating as a real life, sociable human. But if you can just take a breath and lean into it, the rewards are endless. A month out of the end of course drinks evening, I have already had 8 generals with top production companies, have 4 more in the diary and have signed with an agent. Madness, truly. If I had any particular advice, it would be to think outside the box when it comes to developing your new idea. Write that script that you’d dare not write on your own, the script that could never possibly get made. Be brave. Before this opportunity, I’d written exclusively funny-sad comedies, often with a lot of arsehole jokes. So instead, I wrote a 60 min revenge thriller and now I have a varied portfolio of work, ready to show the scope of my voice and vision to anyone and everyone. And honestly, this is the best place to do that. The level of support I received from my script editors was insurmountable, they challenged me endlessly, yet they also encouraged every new thought and validated and calmed any concern. You’ve got this! Because apparently I did, so you’ll be fabulous.
4 Screenwriting 2023
I got onto the course on my 3rd year of applying and so was chuffed to get an interview. Philip said he had always remembered my writing so that spurred me on and so when I found out I got on the course I was determined to push myself and pitched my most ambitious script yet. I had the best 6 months working with script editors Maria and Polly, and also found it useful to read and feedback on my fellow writers scripts - shout out to Dan & Adam - our whatsapp group was a place of solace and safety. My script required a lot of research which was a big undertaking but led to some of the best moments and really got me falling in love with my characters. I outlined the hell out of the story, using up months of the writing time, but this meant when it came to scripting it was so effing fun. Each of the weekends together were fabs, I particularly vibed with the weekend in June as the reading of all 12 script extracts was so joyful. Thanks Maria & Polly, Philip and the rest of the team for a great 6 months and the amazing support that continues on.
4 Screenwriting 2023
4Screenwriting is an amazing thing. It's one of the few clear pathways for early-career screenwriters to develop work in a trusting, cohesive and financially supported environment. Philip Shelley has so much experience and is known and respected by almost everyone you'll come across in the industry. I'm grateful to him and Jacob Holmes-Brown, my shadow script editor, for their faith in me during the process. It was difficult at points (time can really fly when you have minor existential crises in the last minute redrafting stage) but they always ensured, with patience and care, that I never lost sight of the story I wanted to tell. Also, I got onto the course on my fourth attempt with a script I'd written for stage. So if you're not sure whether the course is right for you, or whether you're in the right place for the course, just apply!
4 Screenwriting 2023
The course is a constant inspiration: the script-editors, the speakers, the other writers, and of course Philip, all offer invaluable guidance both about how to write and how to develop your career in TV. If you don't think it's for you, you're definitely wrong. It will help you develop your confidence as a writer and gives you a snapshot of how you might make a space for your voice in the wider industry. I can't recommend it highly enough.
4 Screenwriting 2023
Channel 4 Screenwriting has been an absolute blast from the get-go. Being selected after many years of applying was a thrill. All the writers were encouraged to write to their passions and hone their voice. It was amazing to see the breadth of talent in the room. The course was both rigorous and demanding. Tasked with coming up with three original ideas at Xmas I’m excited to say that two of those are in development and I have a spec script that truly showcases my voice. Being paired with amazing script editors taught me lots about structure and planning, holding off writing the dialogue. The process was both fun and collaborative. We had insightful zoom chats with top notch writers like Mike Bartlett and Pete Jackson who gave generous information about their creative process. Development professionals like Petra Fried and Isabella de Rosario demystified the TV industry. As a woman who has come to writing late in life after working and bringing up my family, I feel that the Channel 4 Screenwriting course has accelerated my career, propelling me dizzyingly to exactly where I want to be. The support and care from Philip Shelley continues, advocating and championing the writers even after they have finished the course.
4 Screenwriting 2023
4Screenwriting was intense, inspirational and brilliant. It pushed me to go from idea to TV Pilot and treatment in a few short months, in the company of some of the most talented people in the industry including script editors, writers, actors, development execs etc. It's a hands-on, practical course...less airy-fairy theory and more learning quickly on the job which I loved. It's opened doors for me to meet new production companies and seemingly the entire industry at a buzzy networking event. Best of all, it's put me in touch with a peer group of some incredible writers. Philip genuinely cares about nurturing new talent, so believe the hype - it's a life-changing opportunity.
4 Screenwriting 2023
The course has been transformative and a complete pleasure throughout. I've been encouraged to take risks and surrounded by genuine expertise all the way through, coming from people who are always generous with their time. The guests invited to speak are elite people in the industry and it's comforting to know they've often come from the course in bygone years, or are professionals interacting with it in other ways. Philip and the team run the process with experience and compassion - I'd recommend it to anyone.
4 Screenwriting 2023
I've been wanting to be part of Philip's CH4 Screenwriting programme since I heard of it and have always been heavily influenced by CH4 content. My first attempt at professional writing lasted a couple of years. I then took time out, and returned as a mum, unsure if I'd work again, but I worked hard on my craft, and knew I was more than ready to take on whatever was thrown at me; and being selected on this year's programme was like a reset button. The various outlines and script drafts really helped me get to the heart of the world I wanted to explore, with a brilliant team supporting us to write our best work and so many speakers to inspire you along the way. I particularly wanted to push boundaries and I found this programme was the perfect place to be brave and bold. Philip and fantastic script editors, fellow writers who are always there for you, really made the experience. The positive response from industry who have read the pilot script has been instant, leading to a couple of jobs already, and that's when you know, Philip and the CH4 team know what they're doing when they group a bunch of nervous writers of various experiences together!
4 Screenwriting 2022
Getting on to 4Screenwriting is in itself a huge milestone in any UK screenwriter's career. For me, it was a life changing experience. Getting to work with amazing script editors on developing a new TV series idea from scratch, getting to meet other incredibly talented writers, and being introduced to the industry's best exec producers, script editors and production companies. I now have so many new contacts and a whole new support network of brilliant people - and am now represented by an agent at my dream agency. Everything that's happened in the last few months is down to Philip deciding to take a chance on me. I'll never be able to thank Philip and 4Screenwriting enough for what their scheme has done for me.
4 Screenwriting 2022
Philip, Channel 4 and the fantastic script editors encouraged me to write something that was undeniably ‘me’ and not second guess myself into being ‘safe’. We’ve had phenomenal guest speakers generously lend us their time and expertise, and ended on a high note with a networking drinks that seemingly the entire industry was invited to. I’ve already had some brilliant meetings, been put up for some wild opportunities and had serious interest in my course script. As someone who struggles with self-doubt, I’ve gained a new confidence and found a wonderful peer group in the other writers. Without theatre experience, a step up on the TV writing ladder can be hard to come by, but the course has given me just that. Apply! Perhaps, like me, fourth time’s the charm.
4 Screenwriting 2022
When you read the 4Screenwriting testimonials, they almost seem too good to be true. All this talk of interest from production companies and signing with huge agents? Surely it can’t be that good? I can confirm that, yes, it is THAT good. Getting onto the course alone attracts a certain level of buzz, but the interest in the 4Screenwriting pilots is, quite frankly, overwhelming. Aside from the business stuff, it is the writing that you do on the course, the script editors you work with, the people you meet, the support from Philip Shelley & Channel 4, and the opportunity to find your voice as a screenwriter that makes 4Screenwriting truly life-changing. You might think not having credits or a writing CV will go against you, but I had nothing, just a script. When I was offered a place, I thought living in Ireland may pose some challenges, but Philip and C4 went above and beyond to accommodate me and any other writers who did not live in London. They’re cool like that. Should you apply? Well, it’s free to submit, the whole course doesn’t cost you a penny, you will learn loads and it’s six months that will probably change your life. Nah, don’t bother.
4 Screenwriting 2022
4screenwriting has been the most expansive time of my writing journey so far. Every stage of the course, from the selection of writers to post-course support, is carried out with a huge amount of care and intention. It's clear that Philip is truly passionate and skilled in nurturing new diverse voices. I felt comfortable sharing my access needs and in turn, I've gained so much confidence to write and communicate in the way that works best for me.
4 Screenwriting 2022
Not to be dramatic but being accepted onto the Channel 4 Screenwriting programme literally changed my life. Before being accepted onto the course I’d been writing for theatre, with admittedly limited success. Philip and his gifted bunch of readers identified something in my voice and style that I didn’t even know I had. Each guest speaker imparted invaluable and often inspiring wisdom and the guidance from my amazing script editors helped me achieve the impossible; a full-length spec screen alongside a full-time job in less than 6 months. I’m barely two months out of the course and I have several productions companies looking to develop my spec before I’ve even found representation. This stuff really works. Apply, apply, apply.
Emilie Robson
4 Screenwriting 2021
To say 4Screenwriting has monumentally changed my career is no understatement. I had applied in the past due to its incredible reputation and writer alumni. When I applied last year, I was extremely adrift in my career, and hadn't written anything new in a long time. I was absolutely floored when I found out I had been chosen. Being part of the course not only gave me back the confidence to write but also to write what I am most passionate about regardless of what sometimes can feel like an industry 'trend' or what the industry 'wants from us' as new voices. My script editors Izzy and Mike, wholly wonderful human beings, went above and beyond to help me make complete what I believe is one of most succinct, personal, and feel-good scripts I've written (and all this from our living rooms over Zoom!). Besides the resources and intimate talks with industry professionals, Phil's mentorship to me and all the writers was inspirational, and he is unwavering in continuing to give his support and advice, even after the course.
Jingan Young
4 Screenwriting 2021
Believe the hype. Believe that 4Screenwriting can take your screenwriting career to the next level. Believe the support from Philip and the script editors is absolutely out of this world. Believe this scheme can empower you to create the best script of your life, secure an agent at one of the biggest talent agencies in the world and open countless industry doors. Believe it because it’s not just hype, it’s real. It happened to me and it can happen to you. So stop reading this and start applying.
Jeffrey Aidoo
4 Screenwriting 2021
4screenwriting has been a huge help to my development as a screenwriter. In particular, I now find myself interrogating my characters more thoroughly and questioning the best way to dramatize events when developing projects. Although it is only a couple of months since we finished, I’m already seeing the benefit to my career. I’m being asked for general meetings and am getting interest from production companies that I’d previously tried to approach without success. I am also now a finalist in the Triforce UKTV Writerslam, so have an original 30 minute sitcom pilot in development for Dave (4 out of these 6 pilots will be greenlit). I also used my 4screenwriting spec script to successfully apply to EastEnders and will be joining their writing team in October.
Laurence Clark
4 Screenwriting 2021
4Screenwriting has been a life-changing opportunity. We’ve been introduced to some of the industry’s leading figures. We’ve been championed to production companies and agents. And most of all, we’ve been encouraged to write our passion projects. I thought my background and lack of connections made a career in TV almost impossible. Philip, Izzy and Mike have given me the guidance and confidence to make it happen. What an amazing experience to share with some of the most talented upcoming writers in the country.
Owen Lloyd Richards
4 Screenwriting 2021
The 4Screenwriting Course is the most incredible experience. Not only does it teach you to write an industry-ready spec script for TV, but it also prepares you really well to be a working writer. Having only ever written for theatre before, I was really starting from scratch in the TV world. I was teamed up with a brilliant editorial team that gave insightful notes, providing endless support and encouragement throughout the process of turning my idea into an hour-long pilot script. Philip and an amazing host of guest speakers from across the industry gave excellent advice on how to have a general meeting, and invaluable insight into the development process. This has made the process of meeting with production companies after the course far less daunting. Philip was also incredibly helpful in finding an agent, and I'm so thrilled to have gained representation since finishing the course. 4Screenwriting was a total joy from start to finish, and it's really given me so much confidence in my voice and my ideas. I'm so thankful to have been part of the 2021 cohort, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write for screen!
Martha Reed
4 Screenwriting 2021
The Channel 4 screenwriting course this year has truly been a ray of light. As we were in lockdown for much of the course, it was a gift to be working with an enthusiastic, supportive team, who continually inspired me, despite the trying context. Thanks to the insightful notes, and much-needed cheerleading, of my script editor, Philip, and script assistant, Tamar, I've written a script I am immensely proud of. The best thing about the course, for me, has been that we were encouraged to write something we were excited by and which captured our voice, rather than trying to second guess what broadcasters might see on TV. As a result, I was able to write a script which feels authentic and honest, and which I believe in, which so far is proving a brilliant calling card. For the first time, this year the whole course took place on zoom. This included talks from expert producers and writers, script feedback sessions during the drafting process, and readings of excerpts on the final weekend. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to ask questions and hear insights from the industry's best. I had applied for the Channel 4 Screenwriting course many times before, and I am so glad I persevered. I would encourage everyone considering applying, or who has applied before, to try and try again. Having started out as a playwright, I had long wanted to write a TV drama script, but felt daunted by the idea. On this course, you are given support and equipped with the tools to think and write big. This course has been a game-changer for me, and I'm incredibly grateful to Philip and Channel 4 for the opportunity.
Lisa Carroll
4 Screenwriting 2021
I feel so lucky to have been a part of the 4Screenwriting Course – it’s absolutely flown by, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! It has boosted my confidence and made my writing process healthier and happier. The main thing I took away from the course was how to work with a script editor and how to discuss notes and script development in a way that really moves a project along whilst still investigating all the possibilities the story has to offer. The script I've ended up with is far richer for it and I’m really proud of what I've created alongside our wonderful script editors; I've felt supported and encouraged throughout. The speakers we had were informative, honest and inspiring. To be frank: the experience was invaluable, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to apply!
Amy Trigg
4 Screenwriting 2021
I know all of the testimonials say this, but I have to say it again, this course is LIFE CHANGING !! It’s completely changed the trajectory of my career and as a result of the course I signed with an agent, booked my first writers room and will be writing an episode of one of my favourite shows. I genuinely don’t think this would have happened for me at this stage if I hadn’t been part of this course. As someone who sort of fell into TV writing I was always looking for some sort of structured route into the industry. 4 Screenwriting has been just this as it provides you with so much knowledge and insight about the industry (I now know ‘meeting for a coffee’ is code for a general meeting!). Being a fairly new writer, I can’t emphasise how invaluable working with my script editors was. Having someone to bounce around your ideas with and also interrogate them by asking the right questions has definitely helped me grow as a writer and it’s been the perfect springboard to prepare me for what it’s like working as a TV writer. And having Philip in your corner is definitely a key ingredients for successfully navigating this industry. All in all I really encourage everyone to apply apply apply !! And if you’re a newbie like me who might be doubting their ability, feel the fear and apply anyway. You never know this time next year it could be you writing about just how life changing this course is.
Thara Popoola
4 Screenwriting 2021
As a Drama Development Producer, I knew how well-regarded the 4Screenwriting course was in the TV industry. I also knew how tirelessly generous Philip was in championing his students - but to experience this generosity and insight first-hand was one of the great privileges of my life. It’s no overstatement to say that getting onto the 4Screenwriting course, and being able to share the past 9 months with such an inspiring cohort of fantastic writers, has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Ok, Philip would probably give me some suggestions for cuts here — probably indicate that I was being a bit too florid, or I was telling rather than showing, but you know what? I’m writing this remotely so he can’t reach me now. The truth of it is, I can’t emphasise more how much I would recommend applying for this course. When I applied, it was at a point in my life when I had decided that the window of opportunity for becoming a writer, and for sharing my work with a world beyond a close circle of friends, was basically over. I sent in the application and sample with very little expectation, and indeed, forgot about it until Phil reached out. Nevertheless, ever since then, it’s been everything I might have wanted, and more. Apply, apply, apply. You won’t regret it.
Will Truefitt
4 Screenwriting 2021
Entering 4Screenwriting, I was under no illusion of how great a programme it was – I’ve applied practically every year since its inception in 2011! Every single part of the course has been great, from the first weekend (where actually, I felt uncharacteristically nervous and under prepared – a testament to the brilliant minds and ideas I was surrounded by) to the actual writing process. Above all, I feel so eternally grateful to my script editors. To have dedicated support like that to getting the best out of you is invaluable and I’ll forever appreciate them convincing me to write the script I wrote – a massive, ambitious story and world which I’ve dreamt of writing for nine years. 4Screenwriting was the perfect place to write it because you can throw the bulging bag of ideas around the room, with your script editors guiding you in how to make it the very best story that you are trying to tell. The level of support I received throughout the programme was everything I had hoped for and more, something that meant all the world to me in a period where I suffered a bereavement very early on (followed by the global pandemic that we all experienced). I’m so proud of the script I wrote, and the confidence I have in it would not have been possible without the support from 4Screenwriting.
4 Screenwriting 2020
Having worked on the development side of the industry for a few years I knew first hand the calibre of writing produced on the 4Screenwriting course. Now having had the opportunity to participate on the course I fully understand why 4Screenwriting has the excellent reputation it does in our industry. While working with Philip Shelley and Danny Moran I felt completely supported in telling the exact story I wanted to tell, but I was also pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to take my script to brilliant new places. This is a course that champions writers, champions story and nurtures real growth. I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to participate on the course this year. If I could do it all over again, I would!
4 Screenwriting 2020
4screenwriting is simply the best thing you can do as a writer. Beyond the incredible connections you’ll make, industry attention you’ll receive, and all the insider tips you’ll glean from the speakers, the most gratifying thing is the work you get to make during the 6 month course. Collaborating with an experienced, clever and passionate script editor, like Philip, was the most creatively satisfying experience I’ve had – before or since. I would apply for this year’s course if I wasn’t ineligible! (quickly checks the small print to triple- check I’m not eligible)
4 Screenwriting 2020
It is not an exaggeration to say that the 4Screenwriting Course is positively life-changing. The whole experience from start to finish has been incredible. Philip and his team of script editors have been so supportive throughout. I feel like an infinitely better writer as a result, and for the first time in my life like a professional one! On a practical level, Philip arranged some amazing workshops and speakers from the industry, we were each assigned a script editor and shadow script editor who took on the task of guiding us through the writing of our pilot script and it has opened so many doors within the industry. I began the course as an unrepresented writer and have ended the course with a wonderful agent. For this reason alone, it has been invaluable. In conclusion, I have come away from this course with a brilliant pilot script that I am unashamedly proud of, an agent, a load of new contacts and some amazing friends. I mean, it’s a no brainer! Apply, apply, apply!
4 Screenwriting 2020
If you want a career as a Screenwriter then you must apply to this course. It has been inspiring but also challenging. It will raise your ability and skill as a writer to new levels. I was partnered with one of the best script editors in the business who pushed my idea to be the best it could be. During its development, Philip scrutinized and encouraged me to find the core of my story and depth in my characters. I also loved having a supportive bunch of writers to bounce off each other. The response from the industry, so far, has been great. The entire experience has been a joy.
4 Screenwriting 2020
I loved being part of 4Screenwriting 2020 and still feel extremely chuffed about the whole thing. I was paired with a brilliant editorial team and could not have asked for a happier, more fulfilling creative experience. I was encouraged to experiment and take risks. I even strayed into an entirely new genre. I met some generous, talented writers with whom I know I will remain friends and I learned a lot about structure, plot-wrangling and my own voice along the way. In terms of industry contacts, being a 4Screenwriting alumni is like being given a magic password. It opens A LOT of doors. I strongly recommend applying. I’m so glad I did.
4 Screenwriting 2020