Hi There,

This week a slight departure…

A poll \ quiz \ competition – WITH A PRIZE AT THE END OF IT!

I want to ask YOU for your opinions –

–      Who (do you think) are the TWO most interesting screenwriters currently working in the UK and why?

–      What are the best 2 DVD BOX SETS that will inspire screenwriters?

–      Tell us ONE undeservedly over-looked, under-rated movie or TV show that we should catch up with?

–      And give us ONE SCREENWRITING TIP that works for you.

Email your responses to me at:

In the next few weeks I will share some of the more interesting answers with you, as well as my views on the above…

AND the most interesting response I get to these questions will win themselves EITHER (your choice):-

 – a FREE, full script consultation \ feedback from me (worth £120)

 – OR a FREE PLACE on my next ‘How to Pitch’ course (London June 30th)

 – OR £100 off a place on my next two day screenwriting course (London June 16th \ 17th)


I’ve been asked (and am very happy to do so)  to let you know about a new initiative set up by Gareth Howard, with whom I’ve worked.

This is

– in Gareth’s words, ‘in essence it’s a way for writers to submit their work to agents more efficiently, and also to help agents find new writers. Lots of these are for books, but also screenwriters and playwrights.’

Definitely worth having a look if you’re seeking representation.

One other website \ blog that came to my attention this week – Patrick Griffiths’ excellent movie review / discussion site –

 This will point you in the direction of a lot of cracking and often under-rated movies. And is a very entertaining read.

 And finally…

If you don’t already know about it, my course-running colleague, screenwriter PHIL GLADWIN, is running his own script competition, with excellent prizes and a judging panel of industry luminaries. See –


Until next Friday – have an enjoyable and productive week,

Happy Writing!


 Phil Shelley

 May 4th 2012