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This week I thought I’d draw your attention to some of the many excellent screenwriting-related blogs \ posts \ articles on the internet that I’ve been enjoying over the last few months.

An article from The Guardian written by DAVID NICHOLLS to coincide with the release of his adaptation of GREAT EXPECTATIONS last year. It’s brilliant about the processes involved in writing screen dramatisations of novels – but it’s also more broadly about some of his insights into the principles of screenwriting in general  – a really good read. David came to talk to  the 12 writers on this year’s C4 course and was great value, as you’d expect after reading this.

A comprehensive analysis of ‘how to write’ books with an introduction including some very sound advice about how to use these books \ guides. Primarily for novelists, this is still full of useful insights for screenwriters.

The BAFTA ‘Guru’ webpage is brilliant – there is weeks worth of material here for screenwriters to enjoy. Both instructive and inspiring.

The excellent Katherine Mitchell, whom I met on one of our TwoPhils weekend courses – her blogs are always interesting and thought-provoking musings on the life a (very talented) dramatic writer.

These two blogs are particularly interesting – but there are many more that are really worth reading here.

The new BFI player website has a load of interesting interviews and interesting films \ features. This is a particularly interesting interview with writer\director Alexander Payne.

Writer Patrick Griffiths runs this excellent website with all sorts of fascinating insights and opinions on cinema both in the UK and beyond. Another website\blog that could keep you entertained for weeks.

Film journalist and screenwriter Adam Thursby – another TwoPhils alumnus – shares his insights and experiences. Some great stuff on here – both about his experiences as a screenwriter, and film-related articles he’s written.

A really interesting interview with the great Francis Ford Coppola.

About writing in general rather than screenwriting in particular this is still fascinating – a twitter interview with ZADIE SMITH.

If you haven’t done the 3 day Robert McKee seminar and don’t have the time \ inclination to read the book, then this is a very entertaining alternative.

Guy Ducker very interestingly shares his experiences of two screenwriting-related festivals earlier this year.

An interview with dramatist Richard Bean – I particularly like the last paragraph.

David Mamet’s ‘masterclass’ memo to the writers of THE UNIT. Brilliant.

Interesting thoughts about the ‘monomyth’ and the nature of story.

Mary was on my Script Lab at this year’s London Screenwriters Festival with her excellent script AFTER LIFE. Her blog is full of wit and wisdom – I recommend it.

an interview with the peerless AARON SORKIN.

Sundance London – something to look out for in April 2014. I went to the 2013 version, saw some great films, and a really interesting screenwriting panel discussion.

The writerly musings of another ex-TwoPhils alumnus Jemma Walton – like her scripts, this blog is always thought-provoking and highly readable.


There are many more where these came from for another week. But this lot will certainly keep you going – there’s several months worth of reading and viewing pleasure here! I’d be very pleased to hear about the screenwriting blogs you most enjoy, and pass them on in a later newsletter.

I’m aware I’ve only given you the tip of the iceberg here in terms of screenwriting blogs and websites



If you applied for this course and haven’t heard back from us, I’m afraid your application wasn’t successful. We held interviews last week and now have our 12 writers.

As I said last week, the standard of entries was remarkably high and the choice very difficult. If you entered – thank you very much. I’m in a very privileged position reading so many wonderful scripts and being able to choose the 12 writers – but of the 1250 entries this year, I’m painfully aware that I’m going to be disappointing 1238 of you. Let me just say – if you didn’t get in, then you’re in very good company – there are some really outstanding scripts that didn’t make the final 12. I’d urge you to keep entering these sorts of schemes – speaking of which the Red Planet prize is accepting entries until Jan 6th!

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Dec 13th 2013