Comprehensive Script Consultancy Services

I offer a comprehensive script consultancy service covering reading, development and marketing of your script. I work with individual writers, producers and production companies.

Script Reading Service

I will read your script or treatment and give you detailed notes with analytical, constructive, realistic and above all supportive feedback on your script in a (minimum) 5 page report that will cover every element of the script, through presentation, story, structure, dialogue, characterisation, tone, genre and marketability – and will advise you on the potential next step forward for your script.

In addition I will reply to any follow-up points and questions about my feedback by email.

I am also happy to talk on the phone or Skype to writers about their projects, and arrange face-to-face meetings.

Script Development Service

If required, I will work with you as script editor and advisor on several subsequent drafts until we both feel that your script is ready to submit to producers, broadcasters or literary agents. I can meet with you to discuss the development of your project. My aim is to develop long-term relationships with writers and their work.

…And beyond

I also offer professional advice and guidance on who to target with your project, and use my industry contacts on your behalf. Having worked in the TV and film industry for many years, I have strong links to commissioning editors, broadcasters, many freelance producers, writers and directors, as well as with many of the leading literary agents, specializing in representation of film and TV writers.

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