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You can be asked to pitch your project any time, anywhere.

And most writers find that a very scary thought indeed…

If you think that approaching a Person of Influence and Power and selling your project in a few well chosen words is something you could never do, you shouldn’t leave this page until you’ve read right to the bottom… and are very proud to announce our second mighty co-production:

How to Give a Great Pitch!

This brand new one-day workshop is a creative and practical guide to pitching your projects in a way that grabs people’s interest and reels them in, making them sit up and take notice.

If the thought of sitting in front of a group of hostile executives pitching your beloved project makes you sufficiently dizzy that you begin to consider alternative, more soothing career plans, such as bull-fighting, or cave diving, never fear.

This one day course explains written and verbal pitching, and gives you individual attention so you end up with the skills you need to hone and deliver your pitches.

Over the day we give you a chance to create, rehearse and deliver a pitch, all the time giving you feedback and in-depth suggestions on how to maximise the impact and sales potential of your pitches.

What Is The Course All About?

Over the course of a fairly intense, very interactive, highly practical day, we are going to give you:

  • Background – What we learned the hard way, from our years of personal experiences of pitching projects – and how you can use that experience to inform your own pitches.
  • Ideas Creation – A good idea almost pitches itself. In an interactive workshop session, we demonstrate how to spot the ideas that are going to sell for you.
  • Verbal Pitching – What is a verbal pitch? What should a pitch include? How do I get the best out of a pitch? We answer these questions and discuss the psychology and structure of pitching and give you a total approach to pitching you can take away with you and over time make yours.
  • Written Pitches – An analysis, using lots of examples, good and bad, of how to write a one page pitch. We give you guidance on essential elements of a successful written pitch.
  • Special Guest – Ceri Meyrick, Story Producer on Holby City, discusses what she looks for in a successful pitch. Ceri ran the BBC Writers Academy with John Yorke for five years. She’s also worked on Ballykissangel, Pocoyo, Dirty Tricks, Bertie and Elizabeth, Wales Playhouse and Screen Two. She’s currently about to go into production with a new daytime detective series, Father Brown.
  • Elevator Pitching Workshop – Time and help with rehearsing and delivering your own, personal elevator pitch to our guest producer, with feedback on what they thought, and why.
  • A Conclusion and Q&A – The basic points of the workshop, summarised and underlined.


No current courses – keep checking the website for our next Pitching Course


One KX Centre, 120 Cromer Street, London, WC1H 8BS Tel. 020 7520 3070 Here’s a link to a map.

Don’t Miss Out – Book Now!

Once again, we are strictly limiting the places to 20 on each workshop, so don’t miss your chance to nail all those questions and worries you have about the dark side of your chosen profession. Learn how to pitch a movie idea and how to pitch a TV show in a safe, supportive environment!

This great course costs a very affordable £129, but, as always, we are giving an early bird discount if you book for either course up to a week before the event, which brings it down to a FANTASTIC value £97

Click here to reserve your place:


To your writing,


Phil Gladwin


Phil Shelley

P.S. Pitching is the traditional achilles heel for a lot of writers. More and more these days producers don’t have time to read more than a one page pitch, and if they can short circuit that with a quick verbal pitch, even the better. Those writers that can’t deliver like this are lengthening the odds against themselves dramatically. Get ahead of the game…

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