Screenwriting and Script Editing Course feedback

In the past two years I have run or participated in a number of courses in both screenwriting and script-editing, and in this  post I  include some of the positive feedback these courses have received. I run two  regular script-editing courses for the BBC Academy – ‘Introduction to Script-Editing’ and ‘Advanced Script-Editing’. (see

In association with Mead Kerr, I ran a one day course for both writers and script editors in Edinburgh in October 2010. In May I was on the panel for an evening presentation by Euroscript, to discuss how writers can break into the TV and film industry. I was also on a panel for one of the sessions at the inaugural London Screenwriters Festival in October; and I guest-lectured on the TV drama scriptwriting postgraduate course at De Montfort University Leicester.

This year (2011) my first big project is the Channel 4 screenwriting course which I am running with Claire Marshall from the Channel 4 drama department. After the daunting task of choosing 12 writers from the 650 scripts we received, we are now planning the first course weekend for the writers later in January. More about this course in a later blog….


‘Hi Philip,
It was a pleasure to meet you again at the Re-Write seminar yesterday,
and your sessions on the writer/script editor dynamic were fascinating….
Best regards,
David Bishop.

‘Hi Philip
Just a short note to thank you once again for your presentation yesterday.
You shared some great tips and I look forward to putting them into practise.
Hope you enjoyed your stay in Edinburgh and haste ye back!
Thanks again
Janet Webster’

‘Hi Philip, Adrian and Clare

Thank you for a mega day of screenwriting info and insider knowledge direct from the forward lines!

To get to hear how it is – how it really is out there with regards to working with Script Editors and Producers – was, for this writer, priceless. In particular, learning about the role of the Script Editor and how to work with them so that we know A. exactly what to expect when we get there, and B. what our role needs to be to maximise both our input and relationships was utterly fascinating and blew away all of this writer’s pre-conceptions!…..For anyone serious about getting on with their writing in this business this course forms a major part of the ‘stuff’ we need to know. Highly recommended.

It was brilliant, head was spinning with all the info. My kind of day. Excellent and thanks again!’

Philippa Langley

‘Dear Philip,

I very much enjoyed the event on Saturday.  I learnt a lot, and came away with ideas and fresh determination to do everything I can to see them on screen…’

Stephen Potts

‘Dear Philip Shelley,
I attended the REWRITE course in Edinburgh last week with my nephew, Paul, who has just turned 16.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, but found your input most helpful, constructive and INSPIRATIONAL…
Thanks and best wishes,’
Jane Burns and Paul Mackie

‘Hi Philip,
We met at the Rewrite course in Edinburgh, which was really inspiring and valuable to me at this stage of my writing career…
Jacqui McVeigh


‘Dear Philip,
I enjoyed the BBC Advanced Script Editing course enormously last week.
I thought your choice of writers was superb, they made a great contrast. I had lots of fun with Tony but would have loved to tackle Garrow’s Law too. The course was thoroughly thought provoking, many thanks…
Martha Littlehailes

Hi Philip,

I’m not sure if you’ll remember, but I came on the most recent Script Editing Introduction course at the BBC…I wanted to say thank you again, I found the course really helpful and especially inspirational as it confirmed for me that drama development and Script Editing is really what I’d like to do within TV…. Thanks,’


Anna Berrington

‘Hi Philip,
Tam Nguyen here from the BBC script editing course. Thank you so much for
your work, it was a really great course…

Tam Nguyen


Just wanted to say that I attended the Advanced Script Editing course in September and found it incredibly interesting and useful – I think it is a fantastic course and am so glad I had the opportunity to attend,

Best wishes’

Sarah Kenny

Euroscript Q & A evening May 27th 2010

‘Hi Philip,

Thanks again for making last night such a success; we really had exceptional feedback about it!

So thanks for taking an evening out like that –


Andrew Clifford


Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for your insightful comments at last night’s Euroscript event. Your comments about the ‘calling card’ script were extremely helpful, as well as your tips as to how scripts should be presented.

Having previously had a career in TV as a comedy writer, before Life (in the form of twin daughters) interrupted, I found your observations enlightening in what can be a challenging industry to navigate.

Hopefully, in the near future, I can avail myself of your services.

In the meanwhile, wishing you continued success,

Laurence Gouldbourne

Tenderpixel gallery workshop : ‘Screenwriting from draft to pitch’ (2009)

‘Hi Philip,

I’ve had fantastic comments on the Screenwriting evening from everyone who attended and wanted to thank you once again for being our key speaker.

All the best,

Hanna Peretz



Jan 2011