– The Relaunch!

Hi There,

In the past few weeks I have been revamping / redesigning my website, hoping to bring greater clarity to it and also offering some new features. In this newsletter I outline new features, additions and changes –



I have been writing these fortnightly newsletters for 12 years now and so have built up an extensive back-catalogue. You will see that back issues are now more easily accessible. I hope this is a resource you may want to keep referring to at your leisure! This is something I’m going to do more work on – re-categorising and re-titling my old newsletters so that they are easier to find and access. Just a few random examples of old newsletters that you may want to dip into again –

From June 2020 – 4screenwriting alumna Anna Symon (currently writing an adaptation of The Essex Serpent for Apple TV+) interviews top TV drama director Richard Laxton (Mum, Mrs Wilson, Him & Her, River, etc etc) about his work, his approach to scripts, what he looks for in a story, the director’s relationship with the writer and more.

From October 2013 – Recommendations from subscribers of their ‘novels that have inspired their screenwriting.’ A brilliant reading list.

From March 2020 – two exemplary one page pitch documents – and my analysis of why they work and what you can learn from them for your own pitches.

From 2016, a blog about story lessons I learnt on a trip to run a course for BBC Media Action in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



Quite a few writers have been kind enough to send me testimonials in the recent past and these have now been included on the website.



The course information has been updated and the application dates are now up for the 2022 Channel 4 screenwriting course (Sept 14th – Oct 1st 2021). NB Please note that for 2022, WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING SCRIPTS (OR NEW DRAFTS OF SCRIPTS) THAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED. ie You can only submit a script that you have NOT previously submitted.



This section covers my independently run courses. There are now 5 different courses listed. These courses have been in abeyance because of the situation of the last 18 months but I intend to run some new courses (hopefully both online and in person, in London) this autumn. Watch this space! And please let me know if there are other courses you might be interested in (a course on pitching? A course purely about finding a literary agent?) I’d be very interested to get your input on the sort of screenwriting-related courses you may be looking for.



This section is much expanded – with links to videos / talks; blogs I’ve written elsewhere; courses I’ve run, etc.

And a new photo gallery from courses etc that I’ve run.



More details about the script consultancy services I offer.

One service that I have done more of recently and think can be helpful is the one hour zoom call / conversation – with advice / discussion of anything related to your screenwriting – breaking into the industry, sustaining a career, literary agents, pitching, general meetings – or any aspect of the minutiae of the craft of screenwriting.

This section includes a new service for the industry (for production companies, literary agents, anyone in the industry who is looking for writer and script editor recommendations).

This is something I have done informally for many years which I’ve now decided to formalise. I have a massive database of UK screenwriting, script-reading and script-editing talent, built up over many years of running the Channel 4 screenwriting course, this script consultancy, the very many independent courses I have run and all my experience as producer, script editor, head of development for various companies –  but mostly from running the C4 course and working my way through literally thousands of scripts from new writing talent every year for the past 11 years. I have an enormous database of outstanding scripts by new screenwriters and I’m keen to share this knowledge with producers, literary agents, etc who are looking for particular writing, script-editing and script-reading talent.



An updated page on the SCRIPT MENTORING we offer over 6-12 months. Either with me or the other ‘script-consultant’ mentors, with new testimonials. This part of the website has proved particularly popular over the last 18 months and it’s been great to see the successful working relationships that have been built between mentors and writers.




The website is a work in progress. I am going to add other sections in the coming months that I think will be really helpful to the screenwriting community – I will let you know more in due course.

If there’s anything on the website that piques your interest, about which you’d like to know more or if there are other aspects you’d like to see more of on the website, please get in touch.

Best wishes and I hope you’re having a relaxing, enjoyable summer. Let’s hope things continue to move in the right direction with opening up, social contact, etc. I am enjoying so much being able to mix in large groups of people again – long may it last!



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August 20th 2021