Sam Ferguson Newsletter

Hi There, This week, I’m indebted to SAM FERGUSON for sharing his thoughts. In his own words – ‘Sam is the Development Coordinator at Motive Pictures. Before that he has held roles at Channel 4 and various other independent production companies working in TV and Film. He has also spent time as a Freelance Reader, […]

GUEST BLOG – ABRAHAM ADEYEMI – 4screenwriting alumnus 2020

Hi There, This week’s newsletter is written by 4screenwriting 2020 alumnus ABRAHAM ADEYEMI – When Philip asked me to write this, I was delighted. Not to blow smoke up his arse, but I’ve long been a fan of Philip’s newsletter – way before I ever participated in 4Screenwriting and I still read them today. Whenever […]


Hi There, The Channel 4 screenwriting course has come to an end for another year and I’d like to reflect on a few things I have taken away from the course this year. Every year there comes a moment when I get to read the 9 scripts I haven’t been script-editing and it’s always a […]


  Hi There, This week, some random thoughts on screenwriting and storytelling for the screen that have occurred to me recently, from the scripts I’ve been reading and the shows I’ve been watching. EXPOSITION The thorny issue of how not to have your characters act as functions of exposition is an issue that comes up […]

CAT MOULTON – The Dark Art Of Giving & Receving Script Notes

Hi There, This week I’m delighted to share with you some thoughts from screenwriter and former development executive, CAT MOULTON. As someone who has worked on both sides of the fence, Cat has a unique insight into the process of both giving and receiving notes. Cat worked in drama development and production before she became […]


Hi There, LITERARY AGENTS This week, more notes and quotes from the 1st weekend of this year’s CHANNEL 4 SCREENWRITING COURSE 1st weekend discussions from back in January, all about literary agents, both from writers’ and agents’ POVs. There are a lot of different ideas here, not all of which will be applicable to you […]


Hi There, This fortnight I’m delighted to share with you a piece by screenwriter CELIA MORGAN, who was on the 2020 Channel 4 screenwriting course. Celia said, ‘I first felt the need to explain who I am and how I got here. So I ended up just doing that – with tips and advice based […]

UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARY – Screenwriter Responses Part 2

Hi There, This week the 2nd and final selection from your wonderful, fascinating responses to my newsletter of March 19th on a year of living with the pandemic – ‘I hope you’re well. I’ve only just got round to reading this newsletter and must admit it made me tear up a little.  I too have […]


Hi There, I’ve been blown away by the responses I got to my last newsletter about the year of lockdown we’ve just gone through. So many brilliant, thought-provoking, powerful pieces of writing. SO this week and April 16th’s newsletters are 2 bumper editions with some of these responses! A massive thank you to all of […]

UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARY – a year of living with the pandemic

Hi There, I don’t know about you but I’m still in a low-level state of disbelief and shock about what we’ve been through over the last year. I keep thinking about the idea of someone in February 2020 predicting all of what has happened to us; and how absurd and incredible we would have thought […]