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Two things that occurred to me this week about my website – I got an enquiry this week asking if I send the scripts I receive for feedback out to readers. The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY NOT! I started this service because I’m an experienced and very well-qualified script editor and producer.

Above all, I enjoy working with writers and that’s why I set up the website. What I’m interested in is longstanding working relationships with writers, trying to help them achieve their goals in the long term. What I’m not interested in is administering a business that farms out scripts to other readers. It’s been hard at times dealing with the volume of work I receive and coping with my other projects and work commitments but I’m determined that the website works on this basis – as a one man band!

I figure that you’re paying for me to read and feedback on your script – not a reader who you know nothing about.

The other thing I wanted to draw your attention to is the impressive archive of interviews I have built up on the website. These include interviews I have done with :-

CERI MEYRICK – now story producer on Holby City, at the time I interviewed her Ceri ran the BBC Writers Academy at the BBC with John Yorke and she has a lot of really valuable insights for writers trying to break into the industry. NB Ceri is our special guest on TOMORROW’S one day Pitching course in London. We have a couple of places left if you still want to book.

TERRY CAFOLLA – I first worked with Terry before he had any professional credits, on the Carlton writers course – it was clear then that he had huge talent and he’s since gone from strength to strength. Now one of the most respected TV dramatists in the UK, he has so many interesting and perceptive things to say in this interview. NB Terry is one of our special guests on our two day screenwriting course in Belfast, March 24th & 25th

ASHLEY PHAROAH – the co- creator of Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes and many other successful TV shows. Again, this is a guy who has huge experience and has enjoyed great success and is a deep thinker about what it takes to succeed as a screenwriter – this is well worth a read.

PHIL GLADWIN – I run my courses with Phil and have known him a long time. A really talented and prolific writer and someone who has thought a lot and deeply about his method and written an excellent book it – his book is so much more valuable than those of some of the so-called screenwriting gurus out there because Phil has proved his methods work time and time again by selling scripts based on his method.

TONY McHALE – Tony probably has more TV drama credits to his name than any writer working in the industry today. Prolific, versatile and very smart. His advice needs to be listened to.

DAMIAN WAYLING – another writer whom I met on the Carlton screenwriting course (forerunner of the Channel 4 screenwriting course that I now run) who hasn’t stopped working since the course – he has credits on shows like Waking The Dead, Garrow’s Law, Trial & Retribution and many many more.

ALISON HUME – yet another Carlton course graduate! And another with a really impressive and varied list of credits – from the hard-hitting feature film Pure to the highly successful childrens series The Sparticle Mystery.

Not to mention my recent interviews with US screenwriters Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer, and Singapore writer Marcus Goh. Here’s the link to these interviews –

AND I want to let you know that in the next few weeks I will be bringing you more BRAND NEW interviews with screenwriters and other film & TV practitioners working on the cutting edge of the industry so WATCH THIS SPACE!

I will also be redesigning the website in the next few months so that these excellent interviews are a bit more prominent and easy to find on the website!


Looking at Twitter this week I couldn’t help noticing the viral phenomenon that is the KONY 2012 film. There is no denying the emotional impact and power of this as a piece of film-making. BUT powerful and inspiring though this is, there’s an undeniable element of the manipulative about it. #KONY2012

And then followed the backlash – The arguments on both sides are fascinating, important and persuasive – OK so this isn’t strictly about drama \ fiction \ screenwriting. But these are universally interesting topics and ideas that have everything to do with – and should inspire – great story-telling.

Speaking of which – if you didn’t catch it when it was on BBC1 a few weeks ago (and I wish I’d mentioned this while it was still on BBC iplayer – sorry! – I urge you to catch up with INSIDE MEN (available on DVD). This was one of the best BBC dramas of the last few years in my opinion – outstanding screenwriting by TONY BASGALLOP, and really well realized in the production and casting. An object lesson to all screenwriters of what can be achieved in a mainstream UK TV drama show.

Good luck with all your writing!

Best wishes


Phil Shelley

March 9th 2012