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I have been writing these fortnightly newsletters for over a decade on many different aspects of screenwriting and storytelling. So this has grown into a fairly huge online resource for screenwriters.

We have tried to break the newsletters into useful categories so that you can access the subjects that interest you.
I have covered many subjects over the years – including PITCHING, CHARACTERISATION, LITERARY AGENTS, many recommendations of inspiring and brilliant shows and scripts; and interviews with many fascinating screenwriters and producers.

I hope you will have fun dipping into some of the old newsletters; and I hope that they will be helpful and energising for your screenwriting.

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Sam Ferguson Newsletter

Hi There, This week, I’m indebted to SAM FERGUSON for sharing his thoughts. In his own words – ‘Sam is the Development Coordinator at Motive Pictures. Before that he has

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Hi There, The Channel 4 screenwriting course has come to an end for another year and I’d like to reflect on a few things I have taken away from the

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Hi There, LITERARY AGENTS This week, more notes and quotes from the 1st weekend of this year’s CHANNEL 4 SCREENWRITING COURSE 1st weekend discussions from back in January, all about

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